Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Twenty-Seven of Fifty-Two

Pair 27 of 52, started February 21, finished the 25th. Would have been an even quicker knit had I worked on them Sunday afternoon. Got sidetracked on the computer, though, and didn't knit til after supper. Also, something happened with the second sock, and when I got to the toe shaping, my stitch count was off. I had knit the heel while watching the Oscars, and I guess I wasn't paying enough attention. When I took the Oldest One to curling Monday afternoon I realized the boo-boo and ripped it out all the way back to the end of the cuff. The heel didn't turn out as good as the first sock, so I redid that, too, making sure to count the stitches when I was done this time.

On Your Toes DK Boot Socks, their free pattern. First time I did short row heels. They aren't perfect by any means, but the ragg yarn makes it hard to tell unless you look really close. I must say that I prefer the good old heel flap. Maybe with practice I'll like the SRH better, but for now the flap wins hands down.

Closer look at the heels. At least the ragg yarn hides the imperfections in the short row heels. One side looks good, but the other doesn't. I followed the tutorial to the T, so I guess maybe the not-so-good side will get better with practice. I also followed the directions from one tutorial that said to wrap the next stitch on both sides when you're done the heel to avoid a hole, but I still had little holes and had to take a piece of yarn when I was done and hide them. One of the ladies who comes to Knit Nite sometimes (blogless) does SRH without wraps, so maybe I'll get her to show me how she does hers.

There isn't a lot of yarn in the skein, only 250m, so these aren't as long in the cuff as I normally make them. I didn't want to run out of yarn. I had enough left over, however, that I can get another skein and make a pair for hubby with red heels and toes. They'll have to have lower-than-normal cuffs, too, though, to fit his big ol' feet.

I think I'll take a short sock break. I have yarn set aside to make the nephew a sweater for Easter, so I suppose I should get that and start it. I think I'll make size 12 months, so it shouldn't take long. I started one of my baby sets for the store, only got the first pattern row done, and I made a mistake somewhere. I'll have to fix that. I also may start one of my sweaters.

Yesterday on the way home from my enhanced CT (yes, had to go back for another one, this time with the dye, and I have to go in two weeks for an ultrasound), my phone rang. It was T from work, asking me if I'd heard about hubby's grandfather yet. Apparently yesterday morning he went up on the roof to clear the snow off, his roof was leaking, and he fell. He broke both heels and is in the hospital for six weeks. This is the man who just lost his wife on the 11th. The strangest part is his brother who lives next door saw hime fall and called 911. This does not sound strange, but completely normal; however, these two do not get along at all, and have fought for years and years over total foolishness. Fingers crossed that this is the start of a new beginning?

So I had no ill effects from the dye yesterday. I felt kinda weird afterwards, not really a headache or sick, just weird. It went away about mid-evening. It took awhile for the lady to get the IV in my arm. She actually gave up on the left arm after awhile. I have a bruise where she tried. She was like, "Does this hurt?" and I'm like, "Yes, it's starting to." She found the vein but couldn't get it in, so she switched arms. That one took awhile, too, but not as bad. She said, "I hope everyone isn't like you this afternoon, trying to find a vein. You're a lot of work, small veins." I couldn't get mad at her since her scrubs top was covered with cats and baskets of yarn.

Happy knitting!

PS Today is our 8th anniversary. He's on the road, so maybe when he gets home we'll use our gift certificate to a local restaurant that we got for Christmas.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

It Snowed Again...

At least someone liked it...

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Twenty-Six of Fifty-Two

Halfway there finally! I can see that I won't make the whole thing, but I at least hoped to make it halfway, so mission accomplished. Any more than this will be gravy. These pair of Quill Lace socks are for me, made with On Your Toes Bamboo. I did them the same as the other ones except I did ten rows of rib at the top and a few more pattern repeats. Started February 13, finished the 20th.
Our sock yarn order finally arrived. I e-mailed the company in the morning shortly after I got to work. Then about two hours later it arrived by courier. We now have three different On Your Toes sock pattern books, On Your Toes DK, more striping On Your Toes 4ply, On Your Toes Bamboo, and some more Austermann Step. It looks nice to look in the yarn room and see the sock yarn cubbies all topped up. To be honest, I hope it sells fast so I can keep ordering more!

This one followed me home. What can I say?

I keep forgetting to post this, but we have a bunch of yarns marked way down. Here's a list and the prices per skein:

Christmas Handicrafter Cotton 50 cents
Eyelash $2
Disco $2
LuLu $2.50
Black Lites $2.50
Satin $2.50
Haven $2.50
Boa $3.99
Big Value $2.75

Cha Cha $2
Silverlash $3
Brilliant $2.50
Grace $2.50
Carmen $3
Beehive Baby $2
Bumblebee Cotton $2

Stylecraft Ragtime $3
Stylecraft Special DK $3
Stylecraft Eskimo $4.99
Fizz $2
Brazilia $2
Red Heart Holly $2.50

There are a few other yarns that we only have a couple of skeins left that are marked way down as well, plus there's always the bin with 25-50% off of odd dye lots and on-ofs. (Any out-of-towners, we can ship! Send me an e-mail to darganknits at hotmail dot com if you want to find out colors/quantities.)

See Jewel's shaved belly? I can tell you, being spayed didn't slow her down any. She came home the next morning as hyper and high-strung as ever. She goes in 10-14 days to get the stitches out. I only see three.
Mmmmmmm, doggie treat! She looks at her dog biscuits the way I look at yarn. She's off to obedience classes starting the 21st with Marti's Hank. They haven't met yet, and I hope they get along since we're taking Marti's vehicle. (Guess they'll have no choice!)
Anyone see the full lunar eclipse last night? We watched it. Well, the start to the peak, then it was bedtime. Past bedtime, actually. I didn't watch the second half. My camera isn't set up for this kinda thing, no tripod or anything. This was taken at the start.

Happy knitting!

Monday, February 18, 2008

One Sock, Waiting

Finished one quill lace sock, for me this time. On Your Toes Bamboo Sock Yarn , basically done the same way as the other ones. (They were won by a little girl in the Oldest One's class.)

Trying to get a closer look at the colors in the yarn. It's 4-ply, one is pale blue, one pale yellow, one pinkish, and one grey.

Pumba sitting in Jewel's kennel. One of these days she's going to come barrelling in behind him, and he'll wish he wasn't in there! Although out of the three cats, he's the one that is kinda socializing with her the best. He was laying on my lap last night and actually let her sniff around a little. (Though he could have been frozen with fear.) She licked one of his ears a bit, but then the teeth had to nibble a bit.

Jewel's microchip. That's one of the things she had done this morning. I'm waiting for a call from the vet saying how she's doing and what time I can bring her home tomorrow. She went in to be microchipped, spayed, and boostered this morning. (There was another dog there and a cat, both being neutered, I think. The dog looked like he was a whippet, and the cat was a sphinx! I got to pet him, poor thing was quite scared, so was the dog. The sphinx was so soft and wrinkly, he was totally adorable.) So the cats have a peaceful evening, and I should have some uninterrupted knitting time. Edit: I called to see how she is. They said she's awake, and they've been playing with her some. I can pick her up tomorrow any time after 8:30am.
Look how fat that needle is! No wonder they have to be asleep when the microchip is inserted.

Mental note for anyone out there with a five-year-old boy. Don't let his Dad let him watch The Waterboy unless you want to hear, "I'm Bobby Boucher!" Then he continues to run around headbutting and tackling everyone and everything in sight. (And he declares it's his favorite movie, and he needs it for Christmas. Yes, it's true.)

Soon off to take the Oldest One curling. There are tournaments every Saturday for five weeks in a row, so they are going to try to fit them in once in awhile after school. I'll be taking the sock with me.

Happy knitting!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I got suprised by roses today. I've only ever gotten flowers two or three times tops in the last ten years. It's probably mostly cuz I can't really enjoy them because the cats (and now the dog) feel that any kind of plant HAS to be eaten immediately. I have a few houseplants, and they all have to be kept well out of the range of teeth. You should see them all run when I take a plant down to repot. They're like vultures circling a carcass.

I'm not the only one who can't leave knitting laying around! The dog insists on trying to eat my knitting, too. I keep telling her she's not a cat. (And she's also not a lady. She's a tomboy -- has to dig in the mud and get filthy and wet, then she's happy.) Too bad the cats couldn't be taught to knit (scroll down to the end of the post).

Transformers washcloths for the boys. Started February 10, finished the 12. Made with Bernat Handicrafter. Hard to get a decent picture, the flash washed them out, had to go au naturel.

Fiber Trends felted ballerina slippers for me made with leftovers of Patons Classic Wool. Started back on January 12, finished February 10. A quick knit really, but I got sidetracked. They aren't the prettiest, but the way I wear through slippers they won't last a month, and I have tons of leftovers to use up.

Book light I bought for knitting in the truck when it's dark. I saw this on another blog.

Storm from last weekend. No school on Monday or Wednesday when another storm passed through. Then it turned to rain, so most of the snow is gone. Hopefully this is it for awhile! I want spring to arrive!!

Happy knitting!
PS This is very upsetting. (This link probably won't last long.) A very good friend of mine teaches grade six at that school, but this girl was in the other class. Who could kill a 12-year-old? Stuff like this doesn't happen very often around here, especially not murdered kids. This was the first homicide in Bridgewater (half-hour drive from town) since 1993. Terrible. Anyone on Facebook can check out www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8172273529

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Week for Good-Byes

BIL's Xavier, known affectinately as Meathead to me, had to be put down last night. He must have been about eleven. He got him when I was pregnant with the Oldest One, and he's eight now, and the big guy was two or three when he got him. He had bad hips to begin with, and the last few months he wouldn't walk on one of his hind legs. He got so he had to be forced to eat, and he wouldn't move unless he absolutely had to. The vet's diagnosis was bone cancer, so now he's out of his constant pain, probably romping around up there with my FIL and hubby's Nanny. (When FIL was alive this was definitely his dog, even though he was scared to death of him at first! The poor dog missed him so much when he died it was pitiful. He drove a truck, just locally, and always saved him half a sandwich or something from his lunchbox for a treat when he got home every night. The poor dog sat in the living room and looked out the front window for him for months.)

Got one of the Transformers washcloths finished, and the other one is over halfway done, I think. Knitting has been slow going lately. I'm supposed to work tomorrow, and of course it's calling for a big mess of snow, ice pellets, freezing rain, then rain. Will this winter never end?

Happy knitting!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Good-bye, Nanny W

Hubby's Nanny W passed away this morning. She had lung cancer that travelled to her brain. She went so fast. She was at her son's place on New Year's Eve, and you wouldn't even know there was anything wrong with her. We found out last month that she had a tumor at the base of her neck, and on Friday I was told by her daughter that she didn't have very much time left, only about a week. There were also two more tumors growing in her brain. We went up to see her Saturday evening, but she was asleep the entire time we were there. Last Wednesday she didn't know who anyone was, but Saturday she had a good day, knew people, laughed and joked a bit. Her suffering is done now, and I'm sure hubby's father met her this morning when she passed. (She was his father's mother, and he died almost five years ago.) This picture was taken last November 3 at their 50th wedding anniversary.

I felted my ballerina slippers yesterday, but one was a little bigger than the other, and they both stretched out a bit, so I redid them today. I forgot about them in the wash, so they shrunk a bit more than what I wanted, but I'm sure they'll stretch out somewhat again. They usually do. I've got one Transformer washcloth almost finished, so I'll start the other one tonight, hopefully get it done.

Today was a snow day. I did have my doctor's appointment about my foot. Nothing showed in the x-ray, no surprise. He said along the way somewhere I pulled the tendons in the side of my foot, and since your foot never really gets a break it takes a long time to heal. Most likely it will take a few months yet, and if it's still bad in the spring to go back. I have to go on the 28th for the results from the CT I had yesterday morning looking for kidney stones.

Happy knitting!

PS Heddy's back and has warm weather photos!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Twenty-Five of Fifty-Two

Finished pair 25 of 52 for the 52PP. They are Quill Lace Socks from Knitty, made with On Your Toes Bamboo, 75% bamboo and 25% nylon. The only thing I did differently from the pattern was five rows of rib at the top and 2.75mm needles. (I had actually checked my gauge prior to starting, a rarity for me, especially when it comes to socks.) Started January 25, finished February 8. (You can pop on over here for better pictures. They always look better over there than they do on the blog.) The yarn was kind of splitty, have to watch what you're doing. I'd use it again, though, very soft and silky. I'd read on blogs that bamboo doesn't have a lot of give, and this is true. I'm glad I swatched first.

I've also finished a pair of ballerina slippers that still needs the ends woven in and felting. They aren't the prettiest slippers, just used up some odds and ends of Classic Wool.

We got the most snow in one snowfall all season last week. The dog loves it, must remind her of Goose Bay. The kids like it, too. I'd rather do without it. The kids did get a snow day.

Jewel is settling in quite well. The cats still want nothing to do with her, but she still tries to get them to play. She's going in her kennel without me having to physically put her in it. Sometimes she doesn't exactly go willingly, but she goes. I've gated her off from the back of the house, where the carpet is (bedrooms and no bathroom cuz that's where the litter box is). She's peed like four times on the carpet, and two of them definitely there was no need of it. She could have gone to the front door no problem like she usually does to let me know she needs to go out. Obedience classes are set to start on the 21st. She'll sit and shake paw, but I definitely need to find out what I can do to get her to stop biting me. My arms are full of bruises (I do bruise easily), and everything I've been trying to break her of it is going in one ear and out the other. She also chews on me a lot more than anyone else. She also has to learn to not pull my arm off when I take her for a walk.

This picture is for T at work -- look what I had this weekend!

Not sure what I'll be knitting next. Maybe socks for the Littlest One, or I'd soon like to start my shawl.

It's feeling like a long day. I had to go for my CT this morning for 7:40, and it's a half-hour drive. At least it's finally done (the machine broke down twice, so I was rescheduled twice). It sucked having to get up that early on a Sunday. They usually don't do them on the weekends, but since they're behind from being broke down they needed to catch up.

Happy knitting!

PS There is a new sock yarn coming out in April from Patons. I think it's called Stretch Sock, really pretty colors, and I believe it's a wool/cotton/nylon/elastic blend. There's no link on their site yet, so if I remember next week I'll scan the leaflet they sent us.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Arrived in my mailbox today:
Slither from Dyeabolical Yarns
Alter Ego Merino Sock Yarn
100% Superwash Merino
100g - approx 430yds

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Can't wait to make something with this yarn. Any suggestions on pattern?
Progress on my Quill Lace socks from Knitty. I'm using On Your Toes Bamboo (75% bamboo, 25% nylon). These socks are going to be given to the Oldest One's school for their monthly raffle draw. I figured lacey and pink would be good since it's being drawn on Valentine's Day. I'll try to get a better color shot when they're finished. This one doesn't really look like it does in person.

Why won't he play with me?! He plays with that silly mouse thing with the ball.

This is why Jewel gets upset and barks at Simba. He plays with this right in front of her, so then she wants him to play with her. I'll have to try to get a video clip of it, it's really quite amusing.

Happy knitting!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Twenty-Four of Fifty-Two

Finally finished pair 24 of 52 for the 52PP. It's been a slow go on the knitting front since Jewel arrived. Socks for the Oldest One. Regia Mini Ringel of some breed, and Kroy Norfolk Blue for the top, heels, and toes. The rings should have really ended with another set of the brighter green, but I didn't think I'd have enough yarn to do so, thus the reason for so much blue at the toe. (And of course I think there was enough to end like I wanted to!) Started January 26, finished February 1.

I used 2.25mm needles and cast on 60sts. He can wear my mother's sneakers with them just being a smidge too big, and she wears a six. It seems that I always have to knit for big-footed males!

Gratuitous cute puppy shot.

This morning I had to drive to the town about 1/2 hour away to have that cat scan done, and I get there, waiting in line to register. Out walks a guy, "Anyone here for a CT?" I was the only one at the time, and lo and behold, it broke down. Got up early and drove down there for nothing. Now I'm scheduled to go back on Tuesday. (I did run over to the place where we usually buy our meats and loaded up on some really good deals. Family pack pork chops for $5!) And while I'm gone, hubby is sending the Oldest One off to school, and Jewel breaks her temporary tie-out rope and goes off a couple of houses down the roady. He got her rope and brought her back. When I got home hubby went to the hardware store and got nice chain and proper clasps, so she's not going anywhere now unless she takes the whole wrought iron railing with her!

Pooped out last night after her walk!

Pumba the Thief, 1.

Pumba the Theif, 2.

Pumba the Theif, 3, Retreat Mode.

She wasn't super happy today. I made her go in her kennel when we were all gone at one point. It was only for an hour-and-a-half or less. I am putting her in it for the night, too, when I go to bed. She had two accidents on the hall carpet. I can't totally blame her, she goes out the front door, and the first time it happened last night was supper time. She couldn't get to the door for about 15 minutes, the kids were watching tv in the living room, and she tries to eat whatever you've got. So I found a puddle in the hall. Then this morning around 4am she was sleeping in our room, and she let out a couple of whimpers. I knew I should have gotten up and let her out. I said her name, so up on the bed she comes, all licky and bitey and waggley. She laid down by me for a couple of minutes and left. I heard her leave the room, and a minute too late I got up to check on her. Just flicked the light on as she was finishing her pee on the carpet. So now I will limit her evening water intake, and she's going in the kennel. (Think we'll get a different one like Marti's Hank has. The one we got with her is almost like this and is quite used.) I haven't slept good at all since she came, partly from listening to what she's doing every night, partly because I have a cold. She also seems to be getting quite attached to me, and I'm afraid she may start doing damage when unattended. She was quite stressed out today when I left for work, and she was home alone with hubby. (I think she's going to be a Mama's girl! I foresee separation anxiety.)
Other than the two accidents and her treating me like a human chew toy, she's pretty good. The cats aren't paying her much attention, they still come and go as they please mostly, but they don't like her to get too close. She'd SO love to play with them! I think she misses the other dogs at the shelter, and there was a cat there that she used to play with a lot. She likes to bury things, too. If I give her a new rawhide, for instance, she prances around the house with it in her mouth, whining to go out, but they she buries it in the little bit of snow we have left! Heaven help my lawn this spring. It's bad enough now. I guess when she was at the shelter she used to bury toys in the snow one day and bring them in the next. I am excited for her to go to obedience school. She pulls really badly when walking. I've pretty much got her to "sit" with the hand signal and everything already. We started "shake paw", but she only does it sometimes. Marti is going to be taking Hank to the same classes, I think, so that will be good. It's also taught by the lady who has the kennel where I plan on taking her if we go anywhere that she can't go. (Recommended by Nova Knitter.)
Anyhoo, must get going. Hope to get back on track soon with the knitting!
Happy knitting!