Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Blankets

bluebell tweed and stem green tweed
started September 8, finished the 19th
Ravelry details here.

Great pattern, followed to the letter. Love it that the only seaming was on the corners of the border. Anyone doing this and chosing two colors instead of four -- make your first two squares the same color, then the last two use the other color. It was delivered to the new baby boy along with Pembroke yesterday.
Got another baby blanket on the needles for a cousin of Hubs who is having a girl. I decided against this blanket and opted for this one instead. I love it! Doing the blocks 41sts and horizontally, and I'm leaning towards doing an edging like on this one. I plan on doing this blanket 6x8 like a friend did hers. This one is made with Bernat Jr Jacquards in Big Deal Teal. I can see me making more of these. Garter stitch normally gets on my nerves, but this is really nice and relaxing. I'd like to get the Adult Jacquards and make myself a blanket like this. Ravelry details here.
We got some new yarn in stock. It's Kertzer Accent Worsted, a wool/acrylic blend, but to me it feels mostly wool. Really nice colors, we got half of them so far. They're heathery colors, excellent sweater stuff. Sells for $5.49/skein, not bad.
Happy knitting!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Charity Knits

I finally got my box in the mail to the Warm Hands Network. I'd hoped to get more socks made, but the September 30th deadline was getting too close. Too many baby knits right now. A friend of mine had her baby boy yesterday, and Hub's has a cousin who is soon due. Here are pairs 10, 11, and 12 for the 52PPiii. Details here.

I am on the border of the baby blanket for the friend who had the baby boy yesterday. I hope to get it finished tonight. If not I'll take it to work tomorrow and try and finish it there. Pictures soon with any luck.

I was doing housework the other day, and the dogs had been raving around the house. They can run through the house in a circle, through the kitchen, living room, into the hall, and through the bathroom, so they do laps. (The bathroom has two doors, weird, I know. One to the hallway, one to the kitchen.) Anyhoo, I rounded the bathroom corner, and this is what I saw.

She had this in the hall, living room, and in the Oldest One's room. I'd noticed they had kicked the toilet paper, and it was over by the side door. Should have known this would happen to any that fell out. Maggie is super evil on toilet paper and paper towel. Of course she did this AFTER I vacuumed, so I had to get that out again. She's such a little bugger!

Y'know how eggs are always the same shape? Ever get one NOT the same shape? I don't remember ever getting one that wasn't egg-shaped, but I did in this box of eggs. It's right long and skinny, weird.

Have a good weekend! Any locals, I'll be working tomorrow if you want to visit.

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Got nuttin' to show. I've been working on a baby blanket for a friend, just started the third square. I haven't taken any pictures yet. I am pondering on another baby blanket, too, for Hub's cousin who is expecting a girl soon. I was looking at this one, wanting to use maybe Patons Shetland Chunky so it's a quicker knit. I really wanted to use Butter (the name of the color!), but we only have four skeins, and I think I'll need five at least. So if I choose this pattern I'll have to go for Frosted Rose, I think. I had originally thought of making her the same blanket as the one I'm doing now, but I don't know if I want to do another just like it only different colors right away. I like the pattern, just think I'd like to do something different.

Didn't get much knitting done yesterday. I worked all day, and I wasn't feeling well. Went home, absolutely freezing so I wrapped up in my fleece robe. Then hot flashes took over. I knit five rows on the baby blanket, then went to bed early. I feel better today. My mother has a cold, so I'm sure she's passing it around. The Oldest One complained this morning that he was getting a sore throat.

Happy knitting!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


size 6-12 months
started August 22
finished September 7
Ravelry details here.

Made for a friend who will soon have her new baby boy. Thought he was going to be delivered by section this past Tuesday, but his lungs aren't quite ready. They are going to test him again next week. She's not due til October 4, but she has some health issues, and he's measuring 8lbs 2oz now, so they want to take him as soon as his lungs are ready.

That's going to be it for now. I'm in a rotten mood and in a severe funk, so I don't want to pass it on.

None-the-less, Happy knitting!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labour Day Weekend

Warning: Lots and lots of pictures!

This weekend was the annual woodsmens weekend at our campground. Loads of people and tons of activities all weekend. As usual, too, there were lots of fights and several visits from the RCMP on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning. The area across from us is used for tenting. Apparently next year it is being turned into seasonal lots, so that should end the foolishness (hopefully). At the top of the hill was a bunch of young kids from town, including our nephew, who were fine, no trouble. Then it was a bunch from C.I., then a bunch from the town about 10 minutes away. That's where the trouble was. They were young, foolish, drinking waaayyy more than they can handle, and doing some hard drugs according to nephew. Anyways, Friday night a couple of them got into a fight, jumping onto each other's tents, total silliness. The police came up probably five times or so. Saturday night they started again, and the police arrived several times. I was so tired from the night before I missed all the action. I guess someone got a broken nose, and he was a hemopheliac, so the ambulance came to take him to the hospital. He was still in the hospital the next afternoon, I haven't heard any more how he made out. Two tents got picked up and thrown into campfires.

Saturday afternoon a group of mid-20s kids from the city arrived directly across from us. They were great, very nice young people. You'll see more in a bit. Anyways, they were quite nervous because the silly ones were saying racial slurs about some of them and threatening them with bats for no reason at all. One of the guys went to the police and told them what was going on. Saturday night the police took quite a few underage drinkers away. But I must say that all the times we've been there on the weekends this summer this was the first time that we saw any fighting going on. I don't know why they can't just go and have a good time.

I find pictures hard to move sometimes on here, so this is going to be out of order. Sunday night there was a moose calling competition, and one little guy around seven got an answer to his call...

They do a play about Dew Drop, I believe her name is, and her boyfriend, Light Feather, and Merlin who kidnaps Dew Drop and takes her to his island. There is a raid on the water, and fire is set to Merlin's cabin. (Metal framed building covered with paper.) She is rescued, and all is well.
Celebrated with fireworks...

So Sunday morning the Littlest One arrives back at the camper and says he has a girlfriend who is coming over to meet us. I figured it's a little girl he met along the way. Hubs looks out the window, and there he is with two young ladies from the city kids across the road. He was totally smitten with the one in the yellow. He couldn't find her after the fireworks, so in the morning when I let the dogs out there was a note for him saying she was sorry she missed him, what tent she was in, and to come over for pancake breakfast. Unfortunately I think the damp ruined their pancake mix, so they had to get some at the canteen, where she bought him two packages of candies. (Oh, yes, and the day before she gave him Oreos, potato chips, and juicepacks. No wonder he was smitten!) He painted her a rock with a picture of them on it, and when they packed up to leave they gave him 20 bbq hot dogs (the big ones), leftover Oreos, and cheese sausages. So before they left they came over to get their picture taken with him.

Monday morning they finished up some stuff they couldn't do Sunday because it was too windy or that they just plain ran out of time. The Littlest One wanted to go in a canoe so bad. He went up to this guy (who I do know somewhat from coming in the store and getting beads - he does gorgeous native beadwork). He took him out for a bit.
Then he took the Oldest One out for a turn.
Then he had to get ready for the big canoe race, so the boys sucked another kid into taking them out. I think next summer I'll get them into canoe lessons.
There was axe throwing, too. They got four throws each. I wasn't there for all of it, but the Oldest One was and said the winning man had a final score of 12/15 points, and the winning lady had 14/15 points.

This lady here in the pink got two bullseyes, and the other two were very close to the bullseye. I bet it was her that won.
There was also chainsaw carving. This guy carved back to us.
When he was done he had made an owl.
The middle guy made a horse head...
... complete with mane.
There was another guy who made a little rocking chair and footstool. They gave them all away, and the Littlest One tried hard to get one. When they gave away the owl they asked for who had come the farthest. Everyone laughed when he piped up and said, "I came all the way from Lot 69!". Unfortunately he didn't get it, someone from Ontario got it.

There were different kinds of sawing competitions, both single person and double. I didn't get pictures of everything, I missed some of Sunday afternoon's stuff, and Saturday afternoon we had to scoot somewhere to get more propane. The Oldest One said that one of the ladies doing a chopping event with an axe had her handle split, and the axe cut her hand, she had to have first aid. Hope it wasn't too bad.

There was vertical chopping competitions. Super fast, these guys! They cut through one side, then they flip around to the other side to cut this piece of wood into two pieces. The Oldest One brought one of the chopped pieces home with him.

There were washtub races...

Canoe races...
One of my favorites is always log rolling. The neat thing is pretty well all the competitions are divided into juniors, intermediates, ladies, mens. These two little girls were the final two for first and second in the junior log rolling. They are sisters, and man, were they ever good! The younger sister on the left won first place.

Happy knitting!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

They're Baaaackk!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

School started today, and boy, did the day fly! (At least for me.) The Oldest One forgot his bag with his inside sneakers and box of kleenex in it at the bus stop. As she was pulling away I saw it, but rather than flag her down to stop I just took it home and ran it up to him. His school is just up around the corner and up the road about a kilometre or less. I came home, had breakfast, and by 9:30 (their bus came 8:35, about 10 minutes later than usual) I was in the Oldest One's pig sty of a room, biffing and chucking. Both of their rooms looked like they blew up, I should have taken before and after shots. I have been after them for almost two weeks, clean it up or I will. I can't do it when they're home, they won't let me get rid of anything. So it took me til 12:30, but I tidied both rooms. One box of toys went to the local Salvation Army Thrift Store, and one whole black garbage back is filled to the top. I actually think I'll have to split it into two bags. For now it's hidden in the back room of the basement. Next week on one of my days off I'm going to tackle my room!

I am almost finished Pembroke for a friend who is soon due to have a baby. (Ravelry details here.) This is the back, and I've got the front done to the start of the V neck. Hope to get the front finished tonight. I have to get the sewing machine out and do some repairs and hem a pair of pants for the Littlest One or else I may have gotten it totally finished. I don't like sewing, so I have to force myself to do it. I'd like it maybe if I was better at it. I always had dreams of quilting some day, we'll see. (Ah, heck - they don't need what I need to sew tomorrow. If I don't get it done tonight I'll do it Monday night when we get back from the camper. I also have to finish mowing the lawn, and there is only so many hours in a day!)

Went to the local Frenchy's yesterday, and my Ma found this for the Littlest One. It's too big now but should be just right for next summer. It still had the tag on it.

I would never, ever pay that much for a kid's shirt! $60! I can't imagine. Anyways, I think I paid maybe $2.50 or thereabouts. It will be a great soccer shirt, it's silky and cool. I also got new Nike shorts for the Oldest One, and a nice Nike shirt and a Gap shirt. I also got the Littlest One a nice Old Navy long sleeved t-shirt and a Gap fleece hoody. I went last week and got them some other nice stuff, too, like new LL Bean shorts, a Fubu t-shirt, and other things. I only get name brand or stuff that is new/looks like new. I'm quite particular. Oh, and I also got the Oldest One a nice spring/fall jacket that he really needed.

Happy knitting!

PS The girls are highly upset that the boys are back in school. They miss them very much, and as soon as they heard the busses go up the road they were at the window waiting!! (They go to school on the same bus but come home at different times on different busses.)

PPS They are home from school now, and they have a friend over who is the Littlest One's age. We'll see how long the rooms stay cleaned up.