Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Faded Denim Socks

Another pair off the needles for Hubs, these are 64 stitch vanillas in Bernat Sox in faded denim. Started April 19, finished the 25th. The picture of the socks on the cement doorstep are probably the most color accurate. Ravelry details here.

Got another pair on the needles for him in the camouflage colorway, but I changed this one up a bit and am doing a 4x1 rib. I've got the first sock done to the heel, so hopefully this today I'll get the heel done and turned and maybe even the gusset decreases finished. We'll see. One of my SILs stopped by this morning with her boyfriend's income tax papers for me to fill out. (They're due Friday!!) I haven't done a tax return by hand in probably 16-18 years. Luckily he has one T4 with the basic stuff, and that's it. Guess I'd better try and fit that in this evening at some point.
Happy knitting!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nala!

My little baby girl is 14 today, the crabby little puff-of-fluff. This is her first birthday without her brother. :(

But she's gotten spoiled so far today. She had extra morning treats and some tidbits of bacon. She's not all that fussy over people food but does like a bit of turkey or chicken once in awhile. Pumba was always the one who HAD to have treats when I get up in the morning and before I go to bed at night, now she's as bad as he is! They both have to have morning and nighttime treats. Mama loves her silly little girl.

Happy knitting!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Desert Storm Socks

Edit: I originally called this post Camouflage Socks and realized today that the colorway for this pair is Desert Storm. Ooops!

Finished a pair of socks for Hubs, they are made with Bernat Sox in the desert storm colorway. Knit on 2.75mm needles, these were started April 12, finished the 18th. Plain old vanilla socks, 64sts, heel over 32sts, toe to 20sts. I started another pair in the same yarn, same pattern but in a different colorway. The close up picture of the heel is probably the closest to the true color. They fit him perfectly, and upon trying them on last night he came out with he'd like to have a dozen pairs in this kind of weight sock yarn. That's 12 pairs of mens size 12/13 socks! Ga! (But he's diabetic and finds the store bought socks are cutting into his legs. My hand-knit socks don't.) Ravelry details here.

Last Monday I had to break down and finally get a new cell phone. I've been milking mine for a year now, too cheap to get a replacement til I had my maximum credit of $200 towards a new one. I still have to pay $150+ tax. Anyhoo, about a year ago it decided that it wouldn't work on anything but speakerphone. I use this 99% of the time for talking to Hubs with the 10-4 service, that's it. But the schools do have my number, and if I call my brother or MIL on the weekend or after 9pm weekdays it's a free call. Well, Monday morning Hubs called, and I couldn't answer the call cuz the side button you press for 10-4 decided to stop working. Well, it worked one press in maybe 20.

Not as flashy as Nova Knitter's iPhone, but it does what I need it to do. One neat thing is if you wanna pay for it, the phone I have is also a GPS device. When it comes time to upgrade Hubs's phone (in a month or two I'll get him the solid black version of mine) it may be useful to get that feature added so when he goes to a new place he can GPS it. He doesn't have a new laptop for the truck yet, and if he's somewhere that he can't get on-line he'd have his phone. He'd just have to be careful he didn't get on a non-trucking route, but I think it would still be a feature worth having.
I'll leave you of a video of the dogs when Daddy came home last week. Silly things. I'll have to try and get a clip of them when he actually gets IN the house. It's much excitement!

Happy knitting!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunshine in the Sunshine

I call these Sunshine Socks, they're knit with the old Bernat Sox that was all acrylic and came in 50g skeins. This was the last colorway we had left at the store many moons ago, and I got it for sentimental reasons. (The very first real sock yarn I used, ie yarn that wasn't chunky yarn to make work socks, was Bernat Sox in the hippi hot colorway, of which I still have and wear on a regular basis.) These were started on April 5 and finished the 10th. I used 2.75mm needles and knit a little tighter than I normally would since it's a bigger needle than I usually use. Cast on 60sts and did a simple 3x2 rib. Ravelry details here. Cheap pair of socks considering I only paid $1 per skein.

This is the look I get from the girls in the morning when I vacuum. Maggie shoots the evil eye, Jewel won't look at me.

The other night I was on the computer, and I noticed the dogs were laying near me. Then I looked and saw that Jewel was using Maggie's head for a pillow. Then I had to sneak a photo without disturbing them. Maggie heard me, she opened her eyes but didn't move.

Here's Pumba with his you-don't-really-need-to-read-these-flyers look. He's probably thinking he needs cat treats.

T at work went to Mexico for 10 days. He brought me back this nice canvas bag to put my yarn in. Right now it's holding a cardigan for me that I started back in January that barely has any knitting completed on it. Had to set it aside for too many other things. I worked on it a bit last night.

That's about it. The weather has been nice, so I've been doing yard work. My wrist was bothering me some, too, so I had to cool off on the knitting for a bit. Seems to be okay for now.
Happy knitting!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

Today was as nice as any summer day, yesterday was, too, but I had to work. The Easter Bunny found the boys, of course. They had their annual egg hunt, and they each got a body board for swimming this summer and some dive rings. They didn't have any dive toys, and they love to dive for stuff, so now we won't have to use change. And of course there were a couple of dinky cars in their baskets and the mandatory chocolate. They also each got new much needed sneakers, but they had to get them earlier. Too warm for winter boots now!

We went outside for a few hours, I raked up six more bags of leaves. Now I'm out of bags, but I think the raking is basically done. What is left should be able to be mowed over. Hubs took the plow off of the 4-wheeler and let the boys take a turn driving (in 1st gear). It wasn't working right, a brake seems to be sticking or something, it was a short event.

There was also bike riding.

The dogs came out back, but no one was close enough to Maggie, so she chewed her harness apart and got loose. She didn't go anywhere, so we temporarily fixed her up. I sat by her in a chair, then she was fine. Now she needs a new harness.
This one didn't chew her harness today, but she chewed through the first one I bought her two or three times til I couldn't fix it any more, and I had to throw it out.
We went to my parents' place for ham supper. Dad had his motorcycle out today and got me to take some pictures. It was black when he got it. Now it's a glittery red.

I do have some knitting to show. I used leftovers from these socks and these socks to make two small pairs, probably 12-18 months, for Warm Hand Innu Knits. I got an early start this year. These were started March 30, finished April 4. Ravelry details here.

Happy knitting!