Friday, April 27, 2007

New Addition

2007 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4, 5.7L Hemi, Special Edition

Oooooo -- Special!
Hubby was trying to hide the wires to my satellite radio. Pardon the dirty floor mat. The truck didn't have any in it, and the dealership didn't have them in stock. We took the ones out of our old truck til the new ones come in. Kinda sad to see the old girl go. (I have to remember -- warranty soon up, lots of problems, pay for truck repairs = less money for yarn.)

The kids like it! I find the back seems more cramped than the Dakota. The middle seat even has a shoulder belt! Have to lock the power windows -- little fingers will play with buttons.

Its got running boards so I can get into it, rain guards on the windows, heated power mirrors, box liner, cruise, air, tilt steering, 4x4. The Hemi kicks in for hauling, cuts back when not needed for greater fuel efficiency. I am going to have to watch my lead foot and maybe use the cruise -- this truck goes fast a lot quicker than the other one. I don't need speeding tickets. (They cut into the yarn fund as well.)
Happy knitting!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy 11th Birthday

Eleven years ago today, two little tailless puffs of fluff were born...

Happy 11th Birthday, Simba and Nala!

Pictures of pictures, so they aren't the greatest. May be better to view in Flickr.

The top one is Nala when she was four days old. The next is the Mama cat and her five babies.

I was so glad when Simba grew into his ears! They both started off with bright blue eyes, but both changed to goldie/yellow. Nala after her bath.

I came into the living room in my old apartment one night, and they were laying like this. Everyone thinks I posed them, but I didn't. I have a 8x10 framed of this on the wall.

Not to leave out poor Pumba. Here's a picture of him from probably late November 1998. He was tiny then, but he ain't now!

Made a couple of more bags. The first one is Patons SWS in Natural Pink. It came out a bit smaller than my first Noro bag, and the material is thicker and firmer. This stuff felts sooo fast. After about five minutes it was done, and I had to scissor it once it was dry. The SWS gets very hairy, too much for my liking, so I trim it. The second bag is made with Patons Classic Wool in Rosewood. This one felted down to about the same size as the SWS bag. I was quite impressed with how it looks felted. (Shoulda taken a pre-felted picture.) The handle is kinda funky, it came out stripey. I really wanted to see how the variagated wool felts. We just got it in not long ago. (Look at Mr. Pathetic in the third picture, "Let me outside, pretty please!"

I think we are getting a new truck. Come to find out it wasn't the power steering box or the steering rack that was the problem with our truck. It was the steering knuckle, and they said they've never seen one sieze before. Warranty is up on it in July, and although I like a lot I will not like the repair bills after July. (Cuts into the yarn fund.) So.... I think we are getting one of these. They have a silver one and a black one. Hubby likes black, I want silver since it doesn't show the dirt as much. It's a 4x4 quad cab and has a HEMI, so we will be able to haul our camper. We had to borrow a friend's Ram last year to bring the new camper home. (Not that we'll take it very far, not with the price of gas being so high.) We haven't fully decided, but I think we're mostly decided. The monthly payment is a little lower, so it will help counter the increase in insurance each month.

Our weather has finally gotten spring-like. The last few days have been very warm, gorgeous, sunny, breezy... This means lots of outdoor play while Mommy sits in the sun and knits. (And takes breaks to pitch balls, play soccer, tidy up the yard...) I have some daffodils that look like they will bloom any day now. The boys found some snails the other day in their sandbox. They had to come inside, of course. There's one on either side of the branch. One is between the branch and light grey rock, the other between the branch and tealight water dish. They are still alive. I check on their positions a few times a day, and they move around. One was out crawling around a bit a little while ago. (I went on-line to see how to care for them. Got a piece of gauze twist-tied over the top to keep them in.)

They also found two empty snail shells. The top one is about the size of the two in our container. Small, huh?

Today when we were outside the Littlest One was digging in the sandbox. I was knitting, half dozing, in the sun, and he's like, "Mommy, what's this?" and puts this thing on my knee. I immediately moved so it fell off. I don't like many bugs, so who knew what he was putting on me. First glance I thought it was a cat turd. (I cover the box with canvas to keep the neighborhood cats out, but ya never know.) Upon closer look it seems to be some kind of hard-shelled cocoon thing. I put it in a container, and it moves, almost like a heartbeat movement. I had to bring that in, too, in the spare bug container. It's well sealed. I looked it up on the net, and I'm quite sure it's something that's gonna creep the crap out of me when it emerges. I think it's some kinda beetle. I've come across these weird, green grubby things in the ground when I've been planting. They're like a fat worm-caterpillar. I do believe they are the pupa of beetles-to-be. (The only beetles that don't freak me out are ladybugs, and this sucker is quite large, probably 2.5-3", so it ain't no cute little ladybug.)
Oh, yes. If anyone wondered what some of the numbers are in the sidebar under 2007 FOs, it's just a way for me to keep track of the number of socks towards the 52PP.

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two of Fifty-Two

You know how sometimes you just gotta "have" something? There's lots of things I see that I'd like to have, and once in awhile I see something I have to have. For example:

Etsy purchase from WhiteWillow, 75% Superwash/25% Nylon sock yarn in snapdragon colorway. Big skein, 460 yds. I fell right in love with it as soon as I saw it. (When you read this, hubby, it's all her fault.** What can I say? I cave to peer pressure. I also had some money in good old PayPal for completing a couple of surveys.) I really shouldn't be splurging right now, but she only had one. There's more stuff I see on Etsy I want (not necessarily yarn), but I will wait til good trips start happening before I order anything else. I promise. (And I really should be investing in some new clothes. I desparately need new summer gear. Haven't bought any since I can't remember when.)

Finished pair two of fifty-two. Good way to get model pictures, when he's asleep. No movement that way, but I still got blurry pictures. :( I've started a pair made the same way (with more stitches, naturally) for the Oldest One. This is Brooklyn Handspun, superwash, in Thomas the Train colorway. It's basically this pattern, but I didn't do the first four rows stockinette, just right into the rib. I also did my normal toe shaping.
I have another bag almost finished, just a little more on the i-cord is needed. I used this in Natural Pink. Maybe get the i-cord finished tonight and felt it. I'll keep a close eye on it. The last time I felted SWS I shrunk it up too much, and it was so hairy I had to trim it with scissors. I really need to start some socks for Mother's Day, too. I need one pair at least, still debating on whether or not I'll make a pair for MIL or not.
I saw this the other day, thanks to a link on KnitDad's blog. I really like it. I was looking on eBay and saw some Kathmandu yarn I like (one of her swatches is in that). I really like the colors in the Noro Sakura she used, but I like the even-ness of the Kat. She says it's a good pattern for beginners, and I've never knit a shawl before, so I guess that's a good match. I'd be using 4.5mm needles with the Kat, 4mm with the Noro. Still have to think about it for awhile. I have so many other things on the go or planned, I really don't need to add to it. But, y'know.
Happy knitting!

** Not that it's a bad thing, Aija!

Booga Booga

I finished my Booga Bag. Knit exactly as directed in Noro Kureyon Color #149, I think. It was my first time knitting i-cord. Not the most pleasing thing to knit, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. The thick-thin thing with the Noro makes the handle a bit skinnier in some places than others (which irks me), so I did some "fluffing and puffing" in places when it was wet to try to even it out. I see some in the Booga Gallery that are knit with Noro but use a different yarn for the bottom and handle. That may be a good idea, too, so as to only use two skeins of Noro instead of three. I was left with about half a skein. I didn't think til I was finished felting this that I should have made a little cell phone cozy to match with the leftovers. I may yet, you never know.

I am at the heel of the second sock to match the other one for the Littlest One. I think I'll cast on for a pair made the same way (more stitches, of course) for the Oldest One as soon as I'm finished, hopefully tonight. Not sure what else I will work on. I may work on a couple of adult sweaters that are kicking around here, both started for the store. One is made with this in Crystallite Cream, and if it turns out well and fits me I may keep it. If I can finish it by the first weekend in May (fire department annual banquet -- formal dinner). So far I only have the back completed, but it's 8mm needles. A quick knit except you have to be careful not to drop stitches. It's a bitch to fix if you do. I had originally chose to do this for the store because we weren't really selling much of the yarn, so I thought it might help move it along. (If you want to see a pic click here, and it's the fourth picture down, Cowl Neck Sweater Knit Version.)

Took the boys down the road to my former elementary school the other night to use their new basketballs. The Littlest One can't quite make the ball reach, and he got quite upset. It was quickly overcome by using the basketball as a soccer ball instead.
I have another loaner car from the garage. They thought the power steering pump went in the truck, it was extremely hard to turn the steering wheel at times. The part was backordered, and the last few days before it came in it had gotten so bad that I didn't want to take the truck anywhere in case the steering gave out on me altogether. It actually made my arms sore, that's how bad it was. They called today to say that it wasn't the pump after all, but the entire steering rack, so the truck shouldn't be driven. (After telling us it was just the pump and it wouldn't hurt to drive it.) Good thing we still have warranty til July. The steering rack is backordered as well, so I will probably be stuck with the Intrepid for a couple of weeks. (It's not bad, but I'm used to a truck. At least it's better than the last loaner I had for over a week -- a not-in-great-shape Neon.) Sometimes you just get a lemon, I guess. We got this truck brand new in July 2004, so we've had it less than three years. Its had all of its warranty checks/oil changes/service stuff, but it still has had numerous problems. I don't think we've hit 32,000 kms yet! So we only average maybe 10,000 kms/year.

Anyhoo, must go start some chow for the hoodlums.

Happy knitting!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gift Yarn and One Point Five of Fifty-Two

Nova Knitter was in the store today, and she gave me this ball of cotton yarn. She bought it to make her granddaughter a sweater but didn't like it. I think I'll make a baby hat with it. I know someone who just had a baby girl, or I can keep it til I see if I have a niece in November.

I finished one sock for the Littlest One. The toe is kinda short, but it will do. It's this pattern, but I just did the rib, no four rows of stocking stitch at the top. I want to make a pair the same for the Oldest One, but I'll have to increase the stitch count. I think the next pairs for them with this yarn will be stocking stitch. The yarn looks better in this sock on the stockinette sole. (Brooklyn Handspun in Thomas the Train colorway.)

Heddy was in the store for a visit today, too. She started Hederas and was stumped a bit. She's on track now, I think. She had her Austermans on, and I really liked them. I have the same colorway (Whiskey) on my list I want the boss to order. I'll have to get one if/when we ever get it in.

Not much other than that to tell. I started one of these with some of this. The yarn isn't bad, but I find it goes twisty on me, and that's annoying a bit. I may try one out of this, too. It's got the exact same yardage, and it seems to be quite similar all around. The bag I'm making now is mine, and I also have a different shade of Noro to make another one for a friend. If the SWS works I will have to use it for another one for another friend. (Unless I get some more Noro or try Classic Wool.)

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One of Fifty-Two

Added: Sockapalooza sign-ups are open! You've got about 48 hours to join! Let's go! (It's now 10:30am April 11.)

One of Fifty-Two for 52 Pair Plunge, aka April socks for SAM3.

2.25mm needles

Modified to 60sts (original pattern 72sts but way too big with this yarn).

Eye of Partridge Heel over 30sts, 18sts gusset pick up.

Work gusset decreases as usual down to 60sts total, worked toe to 20sts.

I stretched the side panel a bit to show the eyelets a little better. I am always ghostly white, so my leg shows through pretty good!

Natural light -- it's pretty accurate with the true color.

The snow is melting pretty fast. I figure it will be gone by the weekend. There's a lot of grass showing in places. Yesterday the boys went outside to play. The green and yellow things they are using to make snow cones and rectangles were mine. I got them when I was probably eight or so. Antiques!

Up next -- socks for the munchkins out of this Brooklyn Handspun bought a year or more ago in Thomas the Train colorway.

Happy knitting!


I'll have a better post later today, but I want everyone to know that Sockapalooza sign-ups are opening later today. YAY! Keep an eye on it. She says later on today, and they'll probably be open for maybe two days.

Pics of complete Dublin Bay socks on the way!

Happy knitting!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter! (Or Christmas?!)

Happy Easter! Although I think this year Mother Nature got Christmas and Easter confused here. Green Christmas, White Easter. We got the biggest snowfall of the season yesterday/last night. This poor little robin doesn't know what to do! I was outside long enough to grab a shovel and clear my side steps, and the snow is over the top of my boots.

Nonetheless, the Easter Bunny did make it. Yesterday there was some egg dying and painting. (When I bought my kit I thought of Aija and her post-Easter kit fiasco for hand-dyed sock yarn.) Our kit included puffy paint, but it didn't really work that well. They had fun, and I guess that's what counts.

The Littlest One was up first today, mostly cuz he said he needed to you-know-what, which, thankfully, he finally did a big one that was normal. That was before seven (uhng!), then he wanted to lay on the sofa. The Easter loot was in the living room, of course, and once he saw that he was wide awake and off the get the Oldest One. The loot included a basket for each with chocolate bunnies, a couple of dinky cars, and a few Easter candy holders filled with candies. They each got a Big Bubbler, basketball (which the Littlest One won't stop dribbling), they share a soccer ball/cone set, Scooby Doo Unmasked for PS2, velcro ball catch thing, and a Spongebob Slip and Slide for this summer (not the same as this but similar). Normally I get them each a t-shirt and shorts set (or at least a new shirt), but with all the riggamarole this week I could only grab some stuff at the most convenient times and places.

Then the hunt was on!

Last night was the first time since Monday night that I knit. I started my second Dublin Bay sock. I haven't gone that long without knitting for ages. It was just too hard with the Littlest One being lugged back and forth to the hospitals, and when we were home he wanted to be held, I was too tired, etc, to knit. So yesterday I did some winding, grumbling all the time that I need a swift. The first picture: On the left -- Koigu won from Alyson of The YoYo Knits for Elfin Socks. On the right -- Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Bittersweet for Jaywalkers. The second picture: On the left -- Brooklyn Handspun in Thomas the Train colorway. Should be enough to make two pairs of socks for each boy. On the right -- Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for Karen's Sugar Free Socks by Knittin' Mom Chrissy Gardiner.

I forgot, too. I signed up for the 52 Pair Plunge. Not saying I'll be able to complete 52 pairs of socks this year, but it will give me motivation to try! Any socks count, and I figure I'll be able to make at least half of these in child and baby socks (some of the child socks I plan to make are for charity).

Speaking of charity, less than three months are left to get your gear made for The Dulaan Project. I have leftover yarn to make four pairs of socks, and there's a grocery bag full of leftover yarn to make some hats and mittens, or maybe more socks. I'll have to look and see what I have. They have to receive the items by July 1 or else they have to keep it for next time. I plan on sending mine out June 1, so I'd best soon get cracking. (I foresee once I get these DB socks finished that I will concentrate on the Dulaan stuff so it's ready to go when needed. It will also give me a boost towards the 52 Pair Plunge.)

Well, must go clean up some of the mess around here.

Happy knitting!

Friday, April 06, 2007


Thanks, everyone, for your comments and well wishes for the Littlest One. I am quite boggled and quite upset with the whole situation. My last two posts tell most of the story. We ended up going back to the IWK on Thursday afternoon. His white blood count was a little high, and his bloodwork showed bacteria or infection was somewhere in his body. One of the fire department guys drove me in cuz I don't drive right in the city, and hubby was already gone to the city in the Pete to do a little work (finally!) for the day. We got there shorty before three. We were there quite awhile before the rectal surgeon (or whatever) came in to finally tell me what the problem was. This astonishes me to absolutely no end that this wasn't picked up at our own hospital on the first day, last Tuesday. And especially so upon the first IWK visit on late Tuesday/Wednesday morning when they did more x-rays and the ultrasound. Are you ready for this? -- He was constipated. I'm sorry, I am not in the medical field, but wouldn't you think that they should have realized this at the start? He had most of the symptons listed in the little booklet the IWK gave me, he said he had pain in his belly all around his belly button, he said his bum hurt, and I told them several times that he kept going to the toilet to poop but didn't do anything. (He had pooped once on Monday and once on Tuesday, so I didn't really clue in. But come on, doctors should.) Obviously the on-call doctor Tuesday night here can't read x-rays right. He said the Littlest One was full of gas and very little stool. I was shown the x-rays today by another doctor who showed me that same x-ray and all of the poop, plus the x-ray from yesterday where it had moved to the other side but was still up high.

Anyways, basically when we got to the IWK and talked to the rectal doctor, he said even though the Littlest One was pooping daily he was constipated up high. He looked at the x-rays and said it was "clear that he's constipated". They gave him an enema. (And left me alone in the room with him screaming and crying to get away while trying to hold his cheeks together long enough for it to work. I was not impressed.) He didn't pass very much, and I told them that. Hubby arrived about an hour-and-a-half later to take us home. He came around a fair bit and finally ate some. (He's lost five pounds since Tuesday!) Through the night he started crying and complaining again. I called the IWK and told them how he was. Whoever I talked to said he should have something oral to push the poop through. I called our hospital next, and the nurse said to come up and get an oral Fleet laxative. He was asleep when I got back, so I left him alone. He only took about two mouthfuls and wouldn't touch it again. I even tried it in orange pop, no go. "That doesn't taste like orange pop." I called the hospital again. That's when this other on-call doctor showed me the x-rays. He did a rectal exam (that went over like a ton of bricks), and there was nothing there. He finally coaxed the Littlest One to drink lactulose and said if he got worse, and things didn't start moving to bring him back. I don't know if it was the little bit of Fleet he actually swallowed or what, but shortly after we got back from the hospital he started liquid pooping. Hopefully the hard "plug" will soon pass, but so far he's back to his normal self, and he eats and drinks again.

So now he's on lactulose for a bit (I already have a big jug of that -- Pumba takes it every day), and I am increasing his fiber intake. I'd still like to know what caused it. He's never had a problem like this before. I've had to use glycerin suppositories a few times on the Oldest One when he was about that age but never on the Littlest One. As far as I can think of, too, nothing has changed in his diet. He doesn't overdo it on milk products, doesn't like cheese (only on pizza, and he doesn't get that a lot), and drinks a ton of water each day. Anyways, healed up for now for Easter, and that's a good thing. (And I can tell he's back to his old self. The little bugger just got into my face astringent and wasted about half of it, along with a bunch of cotton balls. At least I salvaged some of it that he dumped into a bowl.)

Here's the finished baby hoodie. Bernat Baby Co-ordinates (which I didn't like using at all) and this free pattern in size 6 months. The "sparkle" strand running through it was very easy to pick, and it irritated me to no end the entire time. There's a crappy close-up picture, but it shows said sparkle a little better. I haven't gotten this to the new baby yet, maybe next week.

I got my package from Dipsy! Thanks ever-so much! Three skeins of Schoeller & Stahl Crazy yarn, a cute kitty postcard, and three chocolate bars. The middle one is gone, and I have put the other two away til tomorrow at least!

What to do with the new yarn?! Suggestions welcomed!

Happy knitting!