Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Long Time Coming...

Finally after about three weeks of waiting, Jewel arrived last night. This was us in the city picking her up outside a McDonalds.

We got home about 9:30. The cats have been quite scarce. Simba and Jewel have kinda sniffed eat other and touched noses a few times. He hisses once in awhile. I figured he'd be the one to come around the quickest.

She didn't want to go in the kennel last night. I figure it was because of being cooped up in it twice in the past two days and being put on an airplane. The Oldest One slept on the sofa, and she couldn't get out of the living room. I conveniently removed my knitting basket, just in case. In the morning when I got up this is all that was left of a tennis ball that the kids gave her.

Precious little knitting done this week. I should be able to finish the Oldest One's socks tonight maybe. There isn't much left to do on them. Driving to the city to get the dog (hubby was already there for work, so I had to drive in and out, no knitting time), spending time with her, with the cats to make sure I haven't pushed them aside, work today... Tomorrow I need a foot x-ray, and Friday I have to drive to a hospital 1/2 hour away for a CT of my kidneys (possibility of stones, had five pee tests that weren't quite right). I have to be there for 8am, and no knitting will be done since I'm driving.

Three of the alpaca colors came in yesterday. Very soft, very nice. The other three, the Kureyon Sock, and Nova Knitter's Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran was backordered.

Pop on over here and wish Marti a Happy Birthday! Also, lucky Heddy is leaving on her tropical vacation tomorrow and will spend her birthday hugging a palm tree.

Happy knitting!

Monday, January 28, 2008


No, she's not here yet. But good news -- she's partway here. She left Goose Bay today and is in Deer Lake for the night. There was a chance that the plane was going to be rerouted to another airport, and there was no contact there to take her home for the night. She'll be arriving at the airport tomorrow around 5:30pm, provided nothing goes awry...

Happy knitting!

PS This link won't last long, but we had inquired about this dog when the shelter first got him. It was deemed he'd be better off in a home without small kids as he was very scared of everything because of the environment he was living in. He ended up with a wonderful new owner and repayed him in a HUGE way!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Twenty-Three of Fifty-Two

Finished pair 23 of 52 for the 52PP. These were started on January 18, finished at 12:45am on the 25th! These are for my co-worker who had a birthday today, and I really wanted to have them finished in time. (Hope he appreciates them -- that was waaayyy past my bedtime! I knit all evening really steadily, and my hands were getting really cramped.) He had no idea that I was making him a pair. Can't wait til he wears them so I can see what he thinks of them. It's his first pair of knit socks.

Austermann Step socks, color 20. It's a pattern from Classics in Kroy, Traditional Rib. They have a 2x2 ribbed cuff and then change to 4x2 rib. That's the leftovers, there wasn't much. I only did 20 rows of ribbed cuff. The pattern calls for 4", but that's too much. I think they're mostly styled to fold the cuff down, but I knew the recipient wouldn't wear them that way.

Perfectly matching stripes!

I like the fact that the heel ended in the perfect spot to continue the proper striping pattern. That doesn't happen very often!

Can you tell that I recycle? LOL! This bag from the boys' birthday party was the perfect size for my co-workers socks. (And I can recycle again -- he gave the bag back.)

M called around suppertime and said one of our yarn orders arrived. Apparently Heddy has seen the new Patons Rumors already! I thought it was $7.99, but it's $6.99. It's really soft. I'd like to have a sweater knit out of it sometime. I don't think anything else new was in this order. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new sock yarns and the alpaca! (Just called M for a sec -- she said there's five colors of Rumor, but there's actually eight, so three must be backordered. I had ordered them all.)
Well, must go find something productive to do. I'm going to start a pair of socks tonight with the bamboo. I told the Oldest One's school that I'd have something for their raffle draw on February 14. I picked up the Blooming Pink today to make a pair of these. I'm atually going to swatch, a rare thing. The pattern calls for 3.25mm needles, which is the recommended needle for the bamboo. However, the pattern calls for sport weight with recommended needles of 3.75mm or 4mm. I usually knit vanilla socks on 2.25mm needle and 60sts. This calls for 60sts also, and since lace is usually stretchy I'm afraid they'll be too big on 3.25mm needles.
Happy knitting!
PS The puppy's flight was cancelled for the fourth time today. St. John's was being hammered by a blizzard again. Shooting for Monday now.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Stuff Coming

We'll be having new yarns in the store in the next couple of weeks. So far I have ordered in all the colors of Patons Rumor. Today I ordered more On Your Toes Bamboo Sock Yarn, On Your Toes DK Sock Yarn, On Your Toes 4ply Sock Yarn (just the striping ones), and a variety bag of Austermann Step. I also got some more of the On Your Toes books. (The one for the bamboo yarn isn't available yet, but I asked if I could pre-order some.) Also today I ordered six colors of Alpaca Melange (can't remember which ones, I used these guys to help me decide) and Kureyon Sock. I asked them to send variety bags if they have them, which I highly doubt they do, so if not they'll send 184 and 40. I was telling one customer about it, and she seemed quite interested. I'm sure she'll buy it -- she goes through a large amount of sock yarn, that's for sure. (I overheard the Boss Lady telling someone today that she's been keeping the yarn department like the former owner had it, and the young people are trying to "modernize" it.)

Still no puppy. She was supposed to come last night, and it got cancelled again by the smaller airline. Then she was supposed to come today, but Newfoundland is getting hammered with a snowstorm, and the planes aren't flying. So now she's booked for Friday. She'll be totally grown up by the time we get her. By now she must be seven months old, its been well over two weeks since we said we wanted her. Oh, well. It's not the shelter's fault, they can't help what the airlines do or the weather.

Got one sock done that is needed for Friday. The other one isn't started yet. I'll do that tonight. I'm off tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get it done. Why do I always have to knit socks for guys with such big feet? LOL! The heel ended just perfectly, keeping the stripes flowing like they should.

Not sure if I'll get to Knit Nite or not. If my parents show up to watch the kids I'll be going to the first one at the new location. If not I'll be knitting at home and thinking about them! (I worked at the new location for 4.5 years. MIL still works there, but she's laid off for the winter. She's a cook, been there for probably 30 years now, and I used to work the front desk. Left there nine years ago, and it will be nine years in March that I've been where I am now.)

Happy knitting!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Last night we had the arena rented for an hour for a combined party for the boys. There was a good turnout. In the morning when I got up I was kinda worried cuz it was snowing. It stopped after lunch, and the roads were plowed.

That's about it. No FOs to show. Got a sock done to halfway through the heel. I think we're getting some of this and this in, probably getting ordered Wednesday when I work. Finally some new stuff! I also ordered this stuff in all shades, but it won't be here til probably the end of the first week of February or so. I also have to order more On Your Toes Bamboo since there are only four skeins left and also their On Your Toes DK. Can't go wrong with sock yarn, it's our best seller right now!

Happy knitting!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Stand-by, Twenty-Two of Fifty-Two

My poor little pup is on stand-by. She was supposed to arrive last night, but the small plane got detoured in Quebec. That meant they wouldn't be landing in Deer Lake til after the Air Canada cargo plane was gone. The weekend is iffy, so now it looks like she won't be here til Monday at least. I hope so, the forecast for Tuesday is snow. I picked up her food, treats, a baby Kong, leash, tie-out rope, etc, yesterday morning before I got the call. At least I have everything ready for when she does finally get here! Looks like she'll be going with the foster family for the weekend again. At least she won't be stuck in the shelter.

I finished a pair of Kroy Crayon Jacquard vanilla socks. They are just the plain old 60sts on 2.25mm needles, heel over 30sts, toe to 20sts thing. These are for the store. I started them on January 4, finished January 18. Worked on-and-off on them since I had a couple of other things to do, too. And I guess these make pair 22 of 52 for the 52PP.

Up next is a pair made with this in one of the blue shades. (Don't remember the color #, and I'm too lazy to go get it.) Don't know if I can get them done by Friday. If not it'll be one sock with an IOU. This is kind of a secret thing, but I don't think the recipient will read this, so I should be safe. If they do happen by it will be pretty obvious to them!
Got our other yarn order in today. Nothing too exciting there, but there were three orders in it for people. Finally got some new Handicrafter and two Kroy sock yarns that we were out of. Other than that it was just some Canadiana and Astra for stock and a couple of Classic Wools. The bamboo sock yarn is almost gone. We only had a variety bag, one of each color, so seven sold, five left. Not bad for just being put on the shelf the day before yesterday. I'll have to see if I can order a couple of more variety bags, plus I want to get their DK weight sock yarn. If that comes in variety bags I'll get two. We've been selling a lot of yarn lately, especially sock yarn.
I work tomorrow if any local knitters want to visit me. Saturdays are usually very slow.

Have a good weekend, all. Happy knitting!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I finished the sweater for the store. It's from an old Elena/Elenka pattern. Size medium, I used Patons Shetland Chunky, 75% acrylic, 25% wool, one skein wine, two skeins frosted rose, four skeins aran. Started on January 4/08, finished January 15! And there were three days in there that I didn't touch a stitch on it. Very quick knit in the round, only grafting under the arms to finish. I really like this yarn, too. I've knit probably two vests, six or so sweaters, and several pairs of work socks over the years from it. Directions say machine wash, dry flat, but I've always thrown them in the dryer. My sweater I have knit out of it still looks like it did when I first knit it.

Blocking. I know acrylic doesn't really block, and this is 75% acrylic, but this made sure the hem didn't curl, and it made the yoke and cuffs smoother.

Closer look at the yoke. I don't knit a lot of colorwork, but I don't think it turned out too badly at all. It was the first time I've ever knit a sweater in the round like this. If I knit this pattern again I will do seed stitch instead of garter stitch at the hem. I also changed the neck a bit and would use 4.5mm needles instead of 4mm for the neck the next time.

The new bamboo sock yarn arrived late yesterday. Is it ever soft! It really does feel like silk, and it's only $11.95/skein, 75% bamboo, 25% nylon. There's only 300m in a skein compared to 390m in their regular 4ply sock yarn. Mine is Mardi Gras Multi. We sold three other skeins of it today besides mine, too, while I was at work, and that wasn't even to any of my sock yarn junkies! (Even though I did leave them voice messages.) I left at three and don't know if any more sold or not. The next time I order from this company I plan to get more of the bamboo and try their DK weight sock yarn. I've mentioned it to some customers already, and they seem quite interested in the heavier sock yarn. One good thing with buying from this company is they'll send "variety bags", so you don't have to buy like ten of one color. (The Boss Lady prefers that a couple of variety bags be bought first so we can feel out the best selling colors before we go ahead and order a bunch of it.)

I do have another yarn order coming soon. I don't think there's anything super interesting in it except for some Handicrafter (that we are nearly out of), a couple of colors of restocked Kroy, mostly just stuff people ordered in. I also placed another order today for a bit more Handicrafter and some knitting needles that we're out of. That one won't come til probably the first of February. They called and said they have a sale starting January 28, so they'll hold it til then so we get the discount. It's not much of a discount, but the Boss Lady told them to wait to send it. I also got the go-ahead to order some other stuff before the sale ends two weeks later. I need to restock the Classic Wool. It's getting pretty picked over, and we're out of a lot of colors. (Knit Niters, let it be known that T at work even said today that the yarn is our best seller right now, and we should expand it!)
Off to Knit Nite later tonight. I don't feel 100%, but I'm going anyways. Got a headache that doesn't seem to want to go away.
Happy knitting!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday & Contest Winners

Today the Littlest One turned five. I made him a chocolate cake with rainbow sprinkle frosting. He got a new PS2 game, and I had ordered another one from eBay, and luckily it arrived in the mail today. (I don't know why my pictures transfer so crappy. They look better over here. I must do something wrong.)

Their air hockey table arrived, so I picked it up on Saturday and assembled it for them. It was easy going til I had to put the end pieces on. The holes didn't want to line up, causing great grief on my part. Eventually I got the screws in enough to say, "Good enough". The legs are on tight, and that's the main thing. (I can see this cutting into knitting time -- I like it!) Let the tournaments begin!
The truck was repaired Friday morning. They didn't finalize the bill at the time, but I don't think it's a huge one for a change. Probably about $100 or a bit better, plus tax. Tonight he's going back to work, though, and she's going to get her yearly MVI. That always makes me scared cuz we think it doesn't need anything or at least not anything much, and they always find lots of stuff that quickly adds up to a large bill. Oh, well. It has to be done.

Now, I'm sure everyone is waiting to see who the winners are from my contest. (Hey, according to Heddy I can't just come out and tell y'all right away!) I want to thank everyone SO MUCH for entering! That's the most comments I've ever gotten in one post and the most entries I've ever had for a contest. In my ideal fantasy world I've had loads of moolah and be able to send everyone something. But alas, this is the real world, so I can't.
I actually had two people guess the correct number which was.... 24! Kris was the first one to guess correctly and will receive the Cherry Tree Hill in Martha's Vineyard. The second one to guess 24 was Dana, so she will be getting a secondary prize of two skeins of Patons Kroy in Crayon Jacquard. (I'm currently working on a pair of vanilla socks for the store out of that colorway.)

Since the contest went over so well, I have also used the faithful random number generator to procure me another winner. Allergicmom will be receiving two skeins of cotton. (Forgot to take a picture. One is Bernat Organic Natural Cotton in tea leaves and one is Kertzer Coolspun in the pink.) Congratulations winners! I will try to get these in the mail on Wednesday.

We still don't have our puppy. They have such a back log of cargo going on the planes that we probably won't get her til next week. There's another dog coming over that was adopted before ours, so she gets to come first.

Thanks again for all the entries. Its been a fun three years of blogging. Got to meet many new people, learn about so many different patterns, yarns, techniques... I just love looking around and seeing what everyone else is making. Even though I only know a couple of you "for real" I always refer to everyone as friend.

Happy knitting!

PS I also came across this contest. Closes midnight January 17.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Twenty-One of Fifty-Two

I finished up the child socks needed for Sunday's birthday party last night. Started January 9th, finished the 10th. Made with one skein of Regia Cotton Jacquard. They are a touch long for the Littlest One, so they should be fine or the same for the intended recipient. He'll be six, but he and the Littlest One are the same size even though there is 364 days difference in the ages. I'd rather give them a bit big than be too small.

Two picture cuz I took them last night, and y'know how the flash can wash stuff out. Now that these are done I can get back to my other two projects that I set aside temporarily to finish these.
Haven't heard from hubby yet this morning, but last night he called to let me know that he thought the drive shaft was falling out of the truck. It was a little after ten, so the garage he was passing by was closed. He made it to the company's yard, and once he got unhooked from the trailer he and another guy took a look at it. The other guy was amazed he made it without losing it on the highway. One of the universal joints has to be replaced, so I guess it's being repaired this morning. I can just imagine the tow bill and all the damage that would have happened had it let go on the highway!
Anyone who hasn't entered my contest still has time. Pop on over here.
Happy knitting!

FOs of 2007

In an effort to clean up the sidebar, I have FOs of 2007 linked to this post now.

FOs of 2007:
Dad's Felted Slippers
Irish Hiking Scarf
Child Hat & Mittens Set
My Felted Mittens
Child Hat & Mittens Set
Violet Buttonhole Bag
Basic Tweed Hat
New Year's Day Socks
Work Socks #1
Work Socks #2
Work Socks #3
Work Socks #4
Basic Tweed Hat
Diagonal Lace Scarf
My Felted Slippers
Store Felted Slippers 1
Store Felted Slippers 2
My Slapdash Socks
Newfoundland Mittens for Dulaan
Red Felted Mittens
Dusty Rose Baby Jacket
My Fortissima Socka Socks
Ladies' Felted Slippers
Ladies' Red Felted Slippers
Baby Hoodie
My Dublin Bay Socks 1
My Booga Bag
Littlest One's Socks 2
Patons SWS Bag
Patons Classic Wool Bag
Patons SWS Bag #2
Ladies' Felted Slippers
Mother's Day Socks for Ma 3
Broadripples for MaMa 4
Oldest One's Socks 5
Low Broadripples 6
Child Raglan Sweater #1
Eskimo Baby Set
Felted Bag with Button
Small Felted Bag
Regia Socks 7
Patons SWS Bag #3
Dulaan Socks 8,9,10
Step FIL Socks 11
Father's Day Socks 12
Noro Booga Bag
Pink Felted Bag
Sockapalooza Socks 13
My SWS Booga Bag
My Diagonal Felted Bag
Teal Felted Slippers
Blue Felted Bag
Gift Broadripples 14
Carmen Scarf
Fortissima Socka Socks 15
Camper Dishcloth
Green Austerman Ribbed Socks 16
My New Felted Slippers
My Dishcloth 1
Sophie Bags
My Dishcloth 2
Cabled Baby Sweater
Odessa Hat
My Peachy Austermans 17
My Booga Bag's Twin
Sage Green Diagonal Felted Bag
Bernat LuLu Baby Blanket
Three Felted Diagonal Bags
Casual Cables Sweater
Two Pink Felted Bags
Black Lites Scarf
Wool Work Socks 18
Twelve Dishcloths
Felted Mittens
Leaf Green Diagnonal Felted Bag
Six Hats for Christmas
Chunky Irish Hiking Scarf
Wool Work Socks 19
Felted Ballerina Slippers
Worsted Weight Irish Hiking Scarf
Loopy Scarf
Dad's Austermanns 20

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Three Years and a Contest

Three years ago today I made my first blog post, so in celebration of my blogiversary, I am going to have a little contest. First prize is this, a skein (kinda going wafty) of Cherry Tree Hill in Martha's Vineyard. This would make a really nice pair of socks for a fella, should any guy knitters happen by and want to enter -- or any ladies that knit for their fellas, like Heddy and Marti. Or it could make lovely ladies socks. I had originally planned another pair of Hederas out of it.

To win this yarn, I would like you to take a guess at how many skeins of sock yarn I have in my stash as of January 9, 2008. I assembled it all on Saturday night, took a picture, and will post it after the contest closes, when the winner is announced. Whoever guesses correctly will be the winner. If no one hits the nail on the head then I will take the closest guess. Should there happen to be a tie then I will put the names in a hat and draw the winner. Here are a few guidelines to help in your guessing:

1. I only counted full skeins, no partials, no odds and ends.

2. If it takes two skeins to make a pair of socks, and I have two skeins of it, that is counted as one. If I only have one skein, it is still counted as one, since I can make a pair of kids socks with it or anklets. (So I probably should have said how many pairs of socks can I make with my sock yarn stash if you wanna be technical.)

3. I only counted "real" sock yarn. That is, it is actual sock yarn like Socks That Rock, Regia, Lorna's Laces, etc. I have some Heritage and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in stash to make socks, but since it isn't technically sock yarn I didn't include it.

4. I did not count store sock yarn. Got yarn to make three pairs for the store, but since I didn't buy the yarn, it isn't really mine, so it doesn't count.

Other than that all I will say is it is in the double digits but not as bad as I thought it was. I have been trying not to buy any sock yarn lately til I use up some of what I got. (Even though I did get some on the Road Trip.) I do like buying sock yarn, but I am not a fanatical hoarder. I think I have a modest collection (to have hers or hers would be a dream come true!), and I am very interested to see your guesses! You've got from today until Sunday, January 13 to guess. I will announce the winner in my post on the 14th.

There will also be a second prize of some sort, not quite sure what it is yet, but something yarny and/or knitting related. I'll do the names-in-a-hat thing of everyone who comments on this post.

Been knitting a lot, but no FOs yet. I have two different things on the go, but I think I need to crank out a pair of kids socks first. The boys are invited to a birthday party on Sunday. Socks and a little something with it would be a good gift, I think.

Good luck and Happy Knitting!

PS Don't forget about Heddy's blogiversary contest! It's not too late!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday!

Today the Oldest One turned eight. I made him a marble cake, and he got two new PS2 games. His grandparents gave him money, and the Littlest One got money for his birthday next week, too. They pooled it and bought an air hockey table, due to arrive on Thursday. I have the local rink rented on the 20th for an hour for a skating party for their classmates. The 6th and 13th were already booked. Looks overjoyed, eh?

After supper we all played four games of darts. They are only allowed to play darts under adult supervision, naturally, considering they are using mine and hubby's darts. The rec room is kinda chilly. Beautiful in the summer, though. Also for their birthdays, if all goes as planned, we will be picking up our new puppy at the airport next Monday. I don't know if I mentioned it on the blog or not, but my fellow Knit Niters know that we've been looking for a dog for over a couple of months now. I finally caved after saying "No dogs!" repeatedly for ages and ages. She's at the SPCA in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, right now. She was found wandering in a northern community, and she started going to the local social services building because the workers started feeding her. They called the shelter, and she was put into foster care. Apparently she was very skittish at first, crouching in fear when meeting new people. They kinda think she was afraid of being hit, so I doubt she had a very good start in life. They've worked wonders with her. She loves cuddling, doesn't mind cats (but I know mine won't like her!), she is fine with kids, and she is housebroke. She isn't spayed yet, that will happen next month. She is getting her first needle on Thursday.

I knew she was The One when I saw her! She reminds me of a teddy bear. We've inquired about several dogs, but none really suited us -- didn't like cats, too big and hyper for kids, etc. They say she's about 25-30lbs now and should be about a medium-sized dog. (We did check local shelters, too. A lot of them just had cats. We were directed to the shelter in Labrador by one located near Halifax and was suprised to learn that like half the dogs we saw on their site all came from this shelter in Labrador!) They think she's about six months old from the look of her teeth.
Saturday was the Road Trip with Heddy, Nova Knitter, and Marti. I forgot to take my camera, but you can see some pictures on Marti's post about the Road Trip. Heddy posted her purchases here. We went to The Innlet Cafe for lunch. I had a really great grilled chicken breast burger and some yummy warmed mapley rice pudding for dessert. Then we went to Have a Yarn.

I came out of there with the least, and definitely the least interesting. (Did you see what Marti got? Can you spell jealous? And a really great find for Heddy, plus that book is a real gem.) I bought the store's sock pattern, Tilting Blocks Socks. I also got some Fabel Self-Striping Sock Yarn and a skein of Drops Alpaca. That stuff is soooo soft! It was the first color that caught my eye. I had in mind to make these or something similar with it. It will go with one of my winter coats, and I have an LL Bean barn jacket (similar to this one) in a light brown that they will go well with. The tarts came from The Teazer. I got something else there, too, but it's for hubby for next Christmas, so I can't show it.

When I say I wear my slippers out, I really mean it!

Next post should be on the 9th, my three-year blogiversary. Gonna have a little contest, so be sure to check it out!
Off to watch American Gladiators. I used to love that show when it was on the first time. The boys stayed up way too late to watch the premiere last night, and they loved it, too.
Happy knitting!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Road Trip and the Unexpected

I finished another hat. I started it on January 2nd, finished it on the 3rd. It's just an acrylic yarn of some sort. I followed this pattern and did five cable repeats, I think, before I started shaping the top. It fits me perfectly.

Check out this post and take a look at picture #6, the Noro fingerless mitts. To be continued in a minute.

Tomorrow I'm going on a Road Trip with Heddy, Nova Knitter, and Marti to Have a Yarn. We are going to leave town at 11, go somewhere for lunch, then on to the yarn shopping. Heddy and Nova Knitter were the lucky recipients of gift certificates for Christmas to HAY. (Don't forget to check out Heddy's contest. You've got til January 10 midnight.) I'm looking forward to the Road Trip. I don't really go shopping other than for groceries. I don't really get to go out with "the girls" or anyone else for that matter, so it's going to be a fun day for sure.

I went to the mail today when I got off work to see if the game I ordered on eBay arrived yet. (For one of the birthdays, one is this Monday, the other next Monday.) There was a parcel slip. My first thought was as to why they mailed a PS2 game in such a big box instead of a bubble mailer. As I walked back to the truck I looked at the return address, which was from Quebec, but the game I ordered was coming from the US. Then I took a closer look at the name. Then I wanted to get home and rip the box open ASAP!

Yes, those fingerless mitts from Restless Needles, the recipient of socks from me in the last Sockapalooza exchange! Thanks so much! I love them, and they are going on the Road Trip tomorrow and to the curling rink in the morning. I have been wanting to make myself a pair of these for awhile now but kept putting it off. The cookies are both really good. (No nut allergies, btw.) The Oldest One was into them as soon as the box was opened. It was a very nice and unexpected surprise. Knitting bloggers are such a great bunch, aren't they?! I've sent little packages to a couple of people, but this is the first time I've ever gotten anything out of the blue that wasn't part of a swap or I sent to someone, they sent something back kinda thing.
An update on the chicken burger fiasco -- he was watching the kids during the day, too, as well as when we went to the dance. Hubby got sucked into taking his brother to pick up a car, so nephew was sent to watch the kids since I was working. Apparently he tried to make the chicken burgers for lunch. I had breaded chicken strips for their lunch, he grabbed the wrong thing. So it wasn't so bad but still annoying that the sneaky little bugger tried to hide it!
Happy knitting!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone had a nice time last night doing whatever y'all did. Skip the next two paragraphs if you want to avoid my rant.

Last night we went to the fire hall dance. It totally sucked. They played crappy music. We got there shortly before 11, and I went up to the bar to get a kahlua and milk. "We don't have any." No kahlua and milk. None. That's my drink, and they didn't have it. I could have went home right then. So I drank water. Then after that I noticed that there were no balloons on the ceiling. Every year they have a balloon drop at midnight. They also have plastic leis, noisemakers, hats and such, but not last night! The only reason anyone knew it was midnight was because one of the firemen who is very loud started bellowing the countdown. So we decided that it wasn't much fun and next time we're taking the kids somewhere for the night. Even if we just go out of town to a hotel with a swimming pool and do a pizza/movie thing in the hotel room.

My Dad didn't come home yesterday after all, and I could have saved some money on a sitter cuz I would have taken the kids up with Nanny had I known he wasn't coming home. (She didn't know, either, til we were already gone out.) And this morning when I was looking for bacon in the freezer I noticed my box of lean chicken burgers was opened and five were gone, leaving three. I had bought the party-sized pizza and garlic fingers for supper and had lots left over for the boys, nephew, and his girlfriend. The bottomless pit nephew decided to cook himself up some chicken burgers, and why he needed five I'll never know. From what we gathered from the Oldest One, he tried to cook them, but they didn't turn out right, and he garbaged them. The sneaky devil didn't throw them in the compost stuff. Hubby found them in the regular garbage can, nicely tucked away on the bottom, all wrapped up in paper towel. Guess he didn't think I'd notice that my unopened box of burgers had been opened. I don't begrudge anyone food, but there was no need of him opening that box of burgers. That would have been two meals for the kids and me when hubby was gone, and when he tries to hide it, well, it ticked me off big time. (And he does that -- hides stuff in the bottom of the garbage thinking I won't notice that it's gone. It doens't work.) We had to talk to him before about eating everything he can get his hands on. I always have stuff for them, treats and stuff, so there's no need of getting into other stuff. He's 16 and skinny, but it will catch up to him someday.

I did get two FOs for 2008 done already. We had five skeins of yarn that were given to the store by yarn reps probably about a year or more ago of at-the-time new yarns. They've been sitting in the cupboard, never did get any of the yarns in, so I decided to bring them home. I made two plain roll-brimmed hats, one this afternoon and one this evening. The other yarns are one skein of an aran-colored worsted weight acrylic that I think I'll use to make a cabled hat. The other two skeins are cotton that will become dishcloths. All five items will go to the store. The hat on the left is Patons Nuance, and it didn't do much for me. I am not a big fan of yarn with metallic thread in it. This one is a mohair blend. It wasn't too bad to knit with, but definitely not my favorite either. It's a bulky yarn, recommended 6.5mm needles, but I used 6mm. (I can't get the Patons site to open up links right now, so I'll try to add them in tomorrow.) The hat on the right is Patons Rumor, and it was really nice. It's an alpaca blend, and I may see if I can order it in sometime. It's really soft and smooshy, great to work with. It also is bulky with a recommended needle of 6.5mm, but I used 6mm. If I remember correctly I cast on 50sts with the Rumor, 54sts with the Nuance. The top is K2tog one round, knit a round, K2tog one round, knit a round, K2tog one round, draw stitches tightly, secure.

As mentioned, too, Dad didn't come home yesterday. He stayed on the boat and let the other guy go home for New Years. He would have had to turn around and go back today. It's a five-hour drive one way, and he and Ma don't go out anyways. So I rushed the socks when I had probably another week to finish them. Oh, well. They're done, and if I had slacked off I may have gotten too slack and not had them finished on time.

Must get ready to hit the hay. It's supposed to snow again tonight, change to rain, then back to some snow. I hear freezing rain hitting the window right now. That should be fun in the morning. I have to go to work.

Local knitters check out Heddy's blog tomorrow to see if there is a Knit Nite tomorrow night and the location. Keep an eye over there, too. Her blogiversary is coming up, and she's eluding to a contest. My three-year blogiversary is coming on the 9th. Better keep an eye here, too. I may just do a little something...

Happy knitting!