Monday, January 10, 2005


I am trying to post some pics of my wips, but so far it isn't working. I have temporarily misplaced my UFO. I moved it the other day because my 2 year old got into it. Now I can't quite remember where I put it. It can't be too far, so when I find it I will snap a pic of it. I also wanted to post a picture of the yarn I got in the mail yesterday that I won on eBay. I plan on making a scarf for myself out of the green Anny Blatt mohair. I am not sure what to make with the other yarn yet. A little bag of some sort crossed my mind when I originally bid on it. Have to do some pondering on that one. I have been outbid on some black mohair (for now). I also am bidding on some Berroco Optik. I had originally planned on combining the two and making a scarf. Think I'll wait and see if I win the Optik, then I will see about getting some more black mohair.

It's quite cold here today. The wind is blowing really hard. Good day for staying at home to knit, but unfortunately I have to work til 5.

I will keep trying to post the photos!

Happy Knitting!


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