Saturday, July 29, 2017


A bit of a repetitive post, it's mostly socks with repeat colors.  Got a really good deal on sock yarn, and there's a new store in town that sells all hand made stuff, and she is carrying my socks.  Sold a couple of pairs, but I only had five pairs to start with and just dropped off more today.  Got to build up the variety, lol, and I will also be taking in some of the heavy wool work socks and some felted slippers. 

All vanilla socks to start, Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Yarn, links to Ravelry details on the color name, pink sugar...

...teal tease...


Then I had a request from someone who had gotten felted slippers from me years ago to make three more ladies size large pairs.  Made with Patons Classic Wool in mainly black, yellow, navy, and chestnut brown, with odds and ends of other colors used as well (they cut back on yardage years ago, sob's).  I used to be able to knit a pair of mediums with two skeins, but now you need a contrast color or extra ball to make the cuff or you run out.  The pattern is the old faithful, Felted Clogs, details here.

Back to vanilla socks the same as those above, two more pairs of each color, spring fling...

 ...teal tease...

Something a bit different, Thujas made out of Ice Yarns Super Socks, details here.

Same yarn, but Vanilla Latte pattern, details here.

And lastly a new color for me, Patons Kroy in sunburst stripes, plain vanilla socks once again, details here.

Happy knitting!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Catch Up

 I finally got around to washing and blocking the Waverly Weekend Cowl I complete some time ago.  The yarn is Takhi Yarns Chelsea Silk, (not a fan, the yarn was given to me) Ravelry details here.

Vanilla socks made with Premier Yarns Wool Free Sock Stripes in Rainforest, details here.

 And luckily at this point in time I'm out of Caron Cakes, as these suckers are addictive.  It's the Boom! pattern with added eyelets in between the color changes.  My mods: 

Row 1: K1, kfb, k to last 2 sts, k2tog tbl 
Row 2: slip 1, knit to last 2sts, kfb, k1
K1 (yo, k2tog) for eyelet rows between color changes
The first one is Rainbow Sprinkles, details here.

Bumbleberry, details here.

Pistachio, details here.

Faerie Cake, details here.

Lastly a Pine Forest Baby Blanket, the yarn is Lion Brand Pound of Love.  I did a seed stitch border instead of a garter stitch border.  I did 8 rows at the beginning and end and 8sts on either side.  If I did it again I'd do probably 12 rows beginning and end, it's not quite wide enough, but I wasn't going to rip it back once I was about 6" into it to change it.  Details here.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mostly Socks!

Mostly socks to show this post.  First are a pair of Petty Harbour for Hubs made with Lion Brand Sock Ease Prints in Taffy.  Raverly details here.

Next was a pair of socks for me.  The pattern is Vanilla Latte, the yarn is Bernat Sox in Sari. Details here.

I used up some leftovers for ankle socks for the Christmas gift box.  The pink is ONline Supersocke 100 with some purple bits, details here.

Another pair for Hubs, he's starting to wear the toes out of a lot of his, but they are getting old, some of them.  Plain vanilla socks, the yarn is Ice Yarns Super Sock in turquoise grey, details here.

Lastly a couple of more pairs of Trigger Finger Mittens made with Briggs & Little Heritage, details here.

I've got a bunch of stuff finished, but I need to take pictures, and that's going to have to wait until after my vacation!!

Happy knitting!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Catch Up

Catch up again, I still have more than this, but I haven't gotten the pictures transferred yet.  So for now there's two pairs of trigger finger mittens.  It's an old Patons pattern, they yarn is Briggs & Little Heritage in blue heather and dark grey.  Ravelry details here.

Two more Exeter hats out of the same yarn as above, details here.

Tried out some Messy Bun Hats using Holey Hat pattern with some mods based on what I read others had done.  The yarn is all Patons Shetland Chunky in navy, wine, and sea ice tweed.  Details here.

Lastly a pair of socks, Vanilla Latte made with ONline Supersock 100, details here. 

Happy knitting!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

First FOs of 2017

A few of the things made so far this year.  First up are some 60st vanilla ankle socks for the Christmas gift box - already! lol  Patons Kroy eclipse stripes with some coal for the heels. Would have liked to do the toes in coal, but I didn't have enough.  Ravelry details here.

A plain old pair of 64st vanilla socks for Hubs in Sandnes Garn Sisu Solids gray, details here.

A plain black Exeter hat for the hat drawer with Patons Decor.  Details here.

Another pair of ankle socks, this time a modification of the Hedera pattern.  Made for the Christmas gift box as well, the yarn is Sandnes Garn Sisu Solids in red, and yes, one toe is slightly lighter colored, I ran out of yarn and had to use the closest I had.  The intended recipient won't care, details here.

Bramble socks made with Patons Kroy, plain old 60st vanillas, details here.

And another pair of 60st vanilla socks with Kroy in greener pastures with muslin for heels and toes, details here.

Happy knitting!

Sunday, January 01, 2017

FOs of 2016

85 FOs in 2016:

mittens - 8
hats - 8
socks - 37
baby cardigan - 2
baby hat - 3
baby blanket - 2
finger puppet - 17
dishcloth - 2
cowl - 3
scarf - 1
slippers - 2

Links to FOs of 2016:

Sweet Stripes Socks
Slate Jacquard Socks
3 Pairs Work Socks
Non-Felted Slippers
Rudy Got Sole
February Lady Socks
Two Syrian Wurms
First Spring Roll Brim Hat
Two Pairs Women Work Socks
Orange Striped Broadripples
Sole to Sole, Big and Small
Two Pairs Ankle Socks
Bramble Socks
Baby Blanket and Hats
Turquoise Jacquard Socks
Mulberry Stripes Socks
Celestial Socks
Prairie Grass Socks
Sunshine Kitten Blanket
Charcoal Tweed Hat
Hermione's Cable and Bobble Hat
Hedgerow Socks
Alpaca Boucle Cowl
Canyon Colors Socks
Work-Style Ankle Sock Slippers
Fiery 5th Avenue II
Two Boxy Dishcloths
Simple Yet Effective Cowl
Be Simple Variations Scarf
Girl Next Door Hat
Exeter Hat
Magico Socks 1 and 2
17 Finger Puppets
Deep End Socks
Sunset Socks
Rainbow Socks
Fall Looking Socks
Austermann Socks
Green Striped Socks
Green Thuja Socks
Mexiko Socks
Heavy Work Socks
5 Pairs Trigger Finger Mittens
Thin Work Socks x2
Berroco Socks
Fabel Socks
Eclipse Socks
Little Coffee Bean Cardigan
Basic Toddler Cardigan with Hat
Exeter Hat and Mittens
2 Pairs Trigger Finger Mittens

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Final FOs of 2016

These two baby sweaters were finished for quite awhile, but I hadn't washed and blocked them or photographed them.  The first one is Little Coffee Bean Cardigan, the yarn is Patons Canadiana in winter white and grape jelly.  Ravelry details here.

The next one is Basic Cardigan from the book Cabin Fever.  The yarn is Diamond Merino Superwash DK in a mauve color.  I had enough yarn to make a hat as well, I used this pattern, details here.

I made an Exeter hat and trigger finger mittens for Hubs with Briggs & Little Heritage in dark grey. One of the dollar stores in town carries B&L, but only Heritage and Tuffy.  They sell a lot of it.  It's only $4/skein, good deal.  There's another place in town to get it, but they sell it for $5.49, I think, but they have a bigger variety.  Details here.

I whipped up two more pairs of the mitts with B&L Heritage in seafoam and brown heather.  Details here.

Happy Knitting and Happy New Year!