Wednesday, September 17, 2014


It would probably be a shock to come on my blog and not see socks, lol.  And that's all I have to show today, but I do have a hat completed, just not photographed yet, and I have another hat on the needles and some dishcloths.  For the first time in a long time I have no socks on the go!  What's up with that?!  But I foresee a pair being cast on in the near future.

But first, I have four pairs of socks, all knit with Patons Stretch Sock.  They are all plain vanilla socks, the high cuffed pair is a 2x2 rib that goes into a stockinette foot.  I used the leftovers from both pairs to make ankle socks.  The first ones are grape gumballs, Ravelry details here.

The next pairs are spearmint, details here.

And, unfortunately, school started up a couple of weeks ago.  I say unfortunately because it means the end of summer, and winter will soon be here.  I like the fall, but I don't like the cold and snow that follows it.  Here's the boys on the first day of school.  They were actually happy, contrary to the looks on their faces (fighting over who would get the front seat!).  The Oldest One started grade nine, he goes to high school now, and the Littlest One started grade six, he goes to middle school (junior high).  Both kids are in French immersion, and both started new schools this year, I have no more elementary school kids. :(  

Happy knitting!

Friday, August 22, 2014

More Socks

Summer has flown by way too fast.  Hard to believe that less than two weeks til the kids go to school again. Ugh. 

More socks to show.  I whipped up a pair of ankle socks for my friend, M, out of leftover cherry sours Patons Stretch Sock.  Ravelry details here.

And two more pairs of Stretch Sock socks, both are pumpkin spice.  Ravelry details here.

Tomorrow we are off to pick the boys up some back to school sneakers and a few other things we need.  I think I will start some Christmas (gasp!) shopping, too.  Lots of gift cards happening this year.  Then we are off to a friend's camp for the night, pitching our tent for the first time this year.  There are several of us going out with our kids.  The Oldest One is staying home, though.   He's a big Nascar fan, and heaven forbid he miss a race even though we have Fibre Op now and tv boxes we can record on.  So he is going to his grandparents' place for the night.  I will have to pack some knitting to take.  I'm itching to cast on that baby blanket I want to knit, but I may just stick with socks and take a hat that I've been working on that keeps getting put on the back burner.

Happy knitting!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Flying By

Summer is, that is.  I hate the fact that it is almost the middle of August, and it will soon be time for the kids to go back to school.  That means getting up early mornings, lunchboxes, and the worst part -- cold weather will soon be upon us.  But alas, there's nothing I can do about it, so life goes on.

All of my FOs to show today are -- SURPRISE! -- socks!  I do have a couple of projects on the needles that aren't socks, but there are socks on the go as well.  First up are a pair of socks for me, plain old 60st vanilla socks knit with Mary Maxim Twinkle Toes in blue ice.  Ravelry details here.

A pair of 2x2 ribbed cuff vanilla socks knit with Patons Stretch Sock in fruit slices.  I really, really liked this color.  First time I'd used it.  Ravelry details here.

I also got a pair of 60st vanilla ankle socks out of the yarn. Ravelry details here.

And another pair of ribbed cuff vanilla socks out of Patons Stretch Sock in cherry sours.  I would have liked this one better had it had a bit more lime green.  Ravelry details here.

A few weeks ago I ordered some yarn from Mary Maxim along with two friends.  I bought this to make a baby blanket.  Not that I need a baby blanket for any reason. I just like to knit one once in awhile.  Seems like I usually get to make one once a year.  Right now I don't have anyone to give one to, but once the fall hits I'll start one, and I'll have a use for it some day, I'm sure.  The yarn is Mary Maxim Woodlands, 90% acrylic, 10% alpaca.  It's really, really soft.  The color is denim.  I really liked the heathered plum (think that's what it was called), but it was backordered.  Maybe I'll get it another time.  I think I will use the Sunny Baby Blanket pattern.

Lastly, a knitting friend who just moved up the road from me (like seriously, a one minute walk, I can stand at the end of the driveway and wave to her, lol) went on a road trip with another knitting friend the weekend before last.  She brought me back some Koigu KPPPM for going up and looking after her kitty while she was gone.  Very pretty, I think I will make myself Show Off Stranded Socks.  I made those a long time ago for BFF, I really liked the pattern.  Great for variagated yarn.

Had Bell Fibre Op installed today.  Switched phone, internet, television, the whole package.  So far so good.  Can't get one of the bedroom tvs to connect, so an installer has to come by some morning soon to fix it.  I tried everything the call centre tech told me to try, no go.  The television is MUCH clearer, and so far the internet hasn't kicked me off.  Normally by this time of night I would have been kicked off a dozen or more times already.

Happy knitting!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Look! Not a Sock!

Well, first there are socks, but then there is not a sock! Yay!

First up are a pair of Lace Rib Socks from The Little Box of Socks knit in Koigu PPPM.  Details here.

I also whipped up a pair of ankle socks for my friend, M.  Knit with Mary Maxim Twinkle Toes in candy cane.  Details here.

Lastly, my not a sock FO!  Ana's Spring Cowl knit with hand spun yarn I won in a KAL on Ravelry a long time ago.  I love it, this shall be kept for ME!!  Details here.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All Socks, All the Time

Socks, socks, socks.... I seem to have a fetish, lol.  First up are a pair for me, plain old 60st vanilla socks knit with Wandering Cat Yarns Alley Cat in Vanellope von Schwweetz.  Love them!!  Details here.

I used the leftovers for a pair of picot cuff ankle socks.  The cuff, heels, and toes are in Patons Kroy muslin.  Details here.

Another pair of socks for me, plain old 60st vanilla socks, the yarn is Mary Maxim Twinkle Toes in sugar plum.  Details here.

And lastly three pairs of ankle socks all made with Mary Maxim Twinkle Toes, sugar plum, blue ice, and candy cane. Details here.

I do have another pair of socks on the needles, but today I cast on for something that isn`t actually a....... SOCK!  Details next post.

Happy knitting!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Secret Project Revealed

Anyone looking at my Ravelry page would have seen a Top Secret project awhile back.  Now all can be revealed.  It was afghan squares made for a secret afghan for redknitz.  Details and the finished project can be found here.  Blog post about it can be found here.  My squares are knit with Patons Décor in florals variagated, the stitch is called pillar stitch.  My squares details can be found here.

Got a couple of pairs of ankle socks finished for my friend, M, out of the leftover of my last couple of pairs of socks.  They are just plain old 60st vanilla socks knit on 2.5mm needles.  The yarn is Patons Stretch Sock in spearmint and grape gumball.  It was kind of annoying, the grape gumball had a knot in one of the skeins.   My leftovers didn't have any pink in it anywhere, so they matched until I got to the toes.  She doesn't care.  Details here.

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014


.... I may have something else besides socks to show! But not today.  :)

Two pairs of plain old 60st vanilla socks knit on 2.5mm needles.  The cuff is 2x2 ribbed, but I just did plain old feet.  Heel over 30sts, toe to 20sts, both of them are knit with Patons Stretch Sock, the first pair grape gumball, the second pair spearmint.  Ravelry details here and here.

And I do have a new goodie to show, Wandering Cat Yarns Barn Cat in Johnny Jump Up.  I decided that I MUST have it for me after seeing these socks.

Happy knitting!