Monday, January 24, 2005

All Shovelled Out

Well, we are all shovelled out after the blizzard. The store was closed for the day. That makes two Mondays in a row that I got the day off because of storms. That's a rarity! Here are some pictures I took this morning. I shovelled a little path along our front walkway and cleared the front steps off. We really don't use that door, but I like it cleared just in case of emergency. I also made a little path to the birdfeeders (in front of the bay window by the bush) so I could clear the snow off of them. They were froze up, so I made sure the birds could get the seeds out. There are two feeders, and one was pretty much snowed under. I had to dig it out some. There is a little sparrow of some sort that lives in the bush by the feeders, so I like to keep him happy!

I won't get the baby jacket finished tonight, as planned. I will get it mostly done. I should be able to finish it up tomorrow night at least. Think I will start a pair of socks for myself, too. I have some Shetland Ragg yarn that is 40% wool, 60% acrylic, that I will use so I have a warm pair of socks for in my boots! I knit a pair years ago and used them for slippers, and I totally wore the bottoms out!

Must go make hubby's lunchbox for tomorrow so I can get back to knitting.

Night everyone.


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