Saturday, January 22, 2005

Oh no! More snow on the way!

I can't believe it, but we are supposed to get another 5 cm of snow tonight, 25-35 cm tomorrow, and periods of snow on Monday! Where are we going to put it all?!? January and February are our worst months. It gets soooo cold, we get one storm on top of another, and we end up with a mountain of snow. It just stays too cold for it to melt. Hard to believe just two weeks ago it was like +10 and raining. Today it's -9 but the wind chill makes it feel like -24.

Looks like we will be dog sitting for a couple of days starting today. Our friend's grandfather died so he and his wife are going to New Brunswick for the funeral. I will try to get a pic of him to post. He's a good dog. He does take seizures sometimes, so I am hoping he doesn't have one at our house. I don't want the boys to see that. (And I really don't want to see it, either!) Don't think my cats will like it much. Probably won't see them til he leaves Monday night! We had two of my brother-in-law's dogs last Saturday night. One is a Valley bulldog, the other a boxer pup (who is very hyper and not housebroken yet). That was interesting to say the least. But there were extenuating circumstances, and they had nowhere else to go for the night.

Well, I am probably half-way finished with the denimstyles scarf. I hope to put the fringe on the end tonight and cut the pieces for the other end as well. I should definitely get it done Sunday if not tonight. A co-worker is turning 40 on Tuesday, and there is a party for him tonight at the local bowling alley from 7-9 (it has a bar). Hope to pop in for a little bit at least. He will be mad at me if I don't. He is hugely popular in town, so I imagine it will be packed. Tomorrow I will finish the scarf and hope to finish the baby jacket I am working on as well. Then that will leave the matching blanket to finish, and that order will be done. I have some new baby set patterns in my head that I am anxious to start working on, so I will be glad to get this order done. I also would like to find that sweater I started for myself last summer and finish it! I need it for all this cold weather! I also have some Bernat Sox yarn that I must get around to using, too.

I hope everyone has a nice day. Everyone in Nova Scotia brace yourselves for our next big storm! Good weather for knitting!


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