Sunday, January 23, 2005

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We are currently being pummeled by the third major snowstorm in one week. We had one last Monday, one on Thursday, and it started snowing last night after midnight, is still snowing, and isn't supposed to stop til tomorrow afternoon. Plus the winds are like 100km/hr. We have a bank of snow in front of the Dakota that is about three feet wide and almost to the top of the engine hood. I have been out twice to clean off the steps and a little area for the dog to pee, but it just blows back in. Schools have been cancelled already for tomorrow throughout most of the province, and the 1-0 series highway is basically shut down. The pulled the plows off. No work tomorrow!

I finished the denimstyles scarf tonight. I did not get a chance to work on the baby jacket, but by the looks of it I will get it done tomorrow. (I will snap some pics of this mess when all is said and done and post some. Too much snow for the kids to play in -- it's over my littlest one's head!) I have about half a ball of yarn left from the scarf. I may make a scarf for Logan, or I might get some black yarn and make a stripey scarf. Haven't decided yet. For now I will just stick it back in my stash and concentrate on the baby set.

Well, I must go have a bath and hit the hay. Good luck digging out to anyone in Nova Scotia! I hope this is it for awhile!

Happy Knitting,


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