Thursday, January 13, 2005

Traumatic Thursday

We got a mess last night -- just a light covering of snow, then freezing rain, then rain about dawn this morning. No school today! I had to take my 5 year old to a doctors appointment in Lunenburg (about 45 minutes away), so I am glad it cleared off. It is supposed to be quite warm tomorrow but rain hard. My littlest one will be 2 tomorrow. It was quite the traumatic scene here a little while ago -- he cut his finger on a can. He's a bugger for getting in the fridge. He got ahold of the cat food can and cut his left index finger on the sharp edge. He pulled the first Spongebob band-aid off but has managed to leave the Blue's Clues one on (for now). You'd swear he cut his finger off the way he screamed!

Well, I started a feather and fan scarf out of the Anny Blatt mohair yarn I bought on eBay, but two balls wasn't enough. I wanted it longer. I got in touch with the person I bought it from, and luckily she had more of it. I bought another ball. That will make it 60" or a bit better long. I will post a pick when it is done. I like it -- definitely a keeper for myself! Still trying to decide what to do with the Clara yarn. Still have a small cell phone holder or purse in the back of my mind.

Must go try to do some knitting now. Haven't had a chance all day. Darren (the 5 year old) rented a new game today for his PS2, so I imagine I will get sucked into playing that with him!

Happy knitting!


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