Thursday, February 10, 2005

Rain, Rain (At least it isn't snow!)

It's been absolutely beautiful the past few days. It was +8 or 9 Celsius yesterday, so when Darren was in playgroup in the afternoon Logan and I went for a walk. Of course, we were no sooner out in the fresh air and he was asleep. We were gone for almost two hours, and he didn't wake up til we were coming up our street to get the truck to go get Darren. Tonight it is pouring out, but I think it is supposed to stop through the night (at least it isn't snow!).

Finally got the baby blanket set finished. I will get a shipping price from the post office tomorrow so I can send the PayPal invoice. I also got an order from my best customer (a dollmaker in Idaho) for six cable cardigan preemie sets. She has bought them from me before. They are really small -- made to fit 2-3 lb babies. I lucked out and have the cream-colored yarn she wants in my stash already. They don't require ribbon, and I should have enough buttons as well (although I may buy some different ones if I don't care for what I have). I also have a new design set that she wanted as well, but I was waiting til I had more to send her so she can save on shipping charges. I am off this weekend and hope to get at least half of them done.

Well, must go get the young 'uns ready for bed.

Happy knitting!


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