Saturday, January 07, 2006

Look at this shot! I think he thought he was curling, though. He kept yelling at the ball. Darren's 6th birthday was today, and Logan's 3rd birthday is next Saturday. They had a bowling party today. I think this is the last year for a combined party. Next year Logan will be in preschool, so I can invite his classmates. I think Darren can invite some of his buddies to go bowling or have a pizza party or something. I think there is a place about 10 minutes outside of town that does wagon rides and fires with marshmallows and hot chocolate. Maybe that will be an option, if they still do it. The boys get to bowling again next weekend on Logan's birthday. One of the kids at the party today will be four on Friday so he is having a bowling party next Saturday. Posted by Picasa


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