Friday, January 11, 2008

FOs of 2007

In an effort to clean up the sidebar, I have FOs of 2007 linked to this post now.

FOs of 2007:
Dad's Felted Slippers
Irish Hiking Scarf
Child Hat & Mittens Set
My Felted Mittens
Child Hat & Mittens Set
Violet Buttonhole Bag
Basic Tweed Hat
New Year's Day Socks
Work Socks #1
Work Socks #2
Work Socks #3
Work Socks #4
Basic Tweed Hat
Diagonal Lace Scarf
My Felted Slippers
Store Felted Slippers 1
Store Felted Slippers 2
My Slapdash Socks
Newfoundland Mittens for Dulaan
Red Felted Mittens
Dusty Rose Baby Jacket
My Fortissima Socka Socks
Ladies' Felted Slippers
Ladies' Red Felted Slippers
Baby Hoodie
My Dublin Bay Socks 1
My Booga Bag
Littlest One's Socks 2
Patons SWS Bag
Patons Classic Wool Bag
Patons SWS Bag #2
Ladies' Felted Slippers
Mother's Day Socks for Ma 3
Broadripples for MaMa 4
Oldest One's Socks 5
Low Broadripples 6
Child Raglan Sweater #1
Eskimo Baby Set
Felted Bag with Button
Small Felted Bag
Regia Socks 7
Patons SWS Bag #3
Dulaan Socks 8,9,10
Step FIL Socks 11
Father's Day Socks 12
Noro Booga Bag
Pink Felted Bag
Sockapalooza Socks 13
My SWS Booga Bag
My Diagonal Felted Bag
Teal Felted Slippers
Blue Felted Bag
Gift Broadripples 14
Carmen Scarf
Fortissima Socka Socks 15
Camper Dishcloth
Green Austerman Ribbed Socks 16
My New Felted Slippers
My Dishcloth 1
Sophie Bags
My Dishcloth 2
Cabled Baby Sweater
Odessa Hat
My Peachy Austermans 17
My Booga Bag's Twin
Sage Green Diagonal Felted Bag
Bernat LuLu Baby Blanket
Three Felted Diagonal Bags
Casual Cables Sweater
Two Pink Felted Bags
Black Lites Scarf
Wool Work Socks 18
Twelve Dishcloths
Felted Mittens
Leaf Green Diagnonal Felted Bag
Six Hats for Christmas
Chunky Irish Hiking Scarf
Wool Work Socks 19
Felted Ballerina Slippers
Worsted Weight Irish Hiking Scarf
Loopy Scarf
Dad's Austermanns 20


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OMG...that's all I have to say about that. I was scrolling down the list and then I kept scrolling and just kept going!

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