Tuesday, January 05, 2010

First FO of 2010 and a 2009 Recap

Got my first FO of 2010, Dad's belated birthday socks. These were started on December 27 and finished on January 3. I used about 2.25 skeins of Patons Kroy FX in cadet colors. Needles were 2.75mm, 66sts, a basic 4x2 rib after a 1x1 twisted rib cuff. Ravelry details here.

I like that yarn a lot, this is the fourth pair I've knit with it, I think. There are currently seven colorways, and I've used three. I plan on making a pair of each colorway. That shouldn't be too hard since I have some socks planned for Christmas gifts for next year that will be made with this yarn.

I did a little recap of my FOs of 2009:

dishcloths -- 3
scarves -- 3
bibs -- 4
baby blankets -- 3
felted slippers (clogs) -- 12 pairs
baby dresses -- 6
mittens -- 4 pairs
coasters -- 3 sets/4
bags (felted and market) -- 10
hats -- 16
socks -- 25 pairs
hat/mitten set -- 1
baby sweaters -- 3
baby vest -- 1
toddler sweater -- 1
fingerless mitts -- 2 pairs

Grand Total -- 98 FOs!

We're off tomorrow to clean the stuff out of the truck. We finally got official word from the insurance adjustor today -- she's a write off. I'm going to take my camera so I can get some pictures. It's about a 2.5 hour drive to get there, so I'll have my knitting with me. We have our eye on a replacement truck. It's kind of a freaky coincidence that it is at the same dealership where we got the replacement truck from the first accident in June 2005. And I'm quite sure it's the same salesman, too. I have a feeling we'll be stopping at some dealerships along the way home. If we do end up going to get this one he's looking at I'll have a lot of knitting time on the way up. It's an 8 hour drive. (Yuck!) Unfortunately I'll only get that time one way since I'll have to drive the car home, at least to the Dartmouth yard. I am not a fan of driving, I much prefer being the passenger, but I guess it has to be done again. I had to do that when we went to get Old Yeller, too. On to truck #4. Hope we're back in time for Knit Nite!

Happy knitting!

FOs of 2009:
My Felted Clogs 1
Maize & Gold Felted Clogs
Old Rose Felted Clogs
Black and Red Clogs
Hub's Clogs
Lobster Fishin' Mittens 1 and 2
Trigger Finger Mittens
Thorpes for the Boys
Slip Stitch Socks
Matthew's Clogs
Pinta's Dress
Pinta's Bunny Hop
Hubs's Socks
Five Fruits the Second
Yellow Feather n Fan Set
Vanilla Anklets 1
My Felted Clogs 2
Matt's Felted Clogs
Felted Bags 1, 3, 4
Little Sister's Dress 1
Vanilla Anklets 2
Twin Felted Bags
Two Pairs of Fetching
Austerman Carolinas
Book Tote
Vanilla Zebras
Camo Vanillas
Marble Boheme
Little Sister's Dress 2
Turquoise Felted Bag
Denim Felted Bag
Eight Baby Hats
Vanilla Anklets 3 & 4
Fugly Broadripples 1
Teacher's Dishcloths
Market Bag #1
Kids Socks 2
Market Bag #2
Branching Out
Nine to Fives 3
Silver Streak Monkeys 4
Little Sister's Dress 3
Inca Dinca Doo
Stretch Monkeys 5
BF's Ribbed Socks 6
Warm Hands Hats
BF's Hederas 7
BF's Grrlfriend Bag
1st Clover FX Socks 8
2nd Clover FX Socks 9
Pembroke Vest
Warm Hands Socks 10, 11, 12
Rhys' Bankie
Emma's Blankie
My Felted Slippers
Grey Tweed Socks 13
Fraternal Twin Dresses
Electric Blues Clogs
Hot Clogs
Both Boys' Felted Clogs
Olympian Socks 14
Hat & Mitts for K
Felted Coasters
Green Irish Hiking Scarf
Grey Irish Hiking Scarf
Thrummed Mittens for Chris
Cameo FX Socks 15
Granite Thujas 16


Blogger Monika said...

Wow, you were really busy! Good Luck with the truck shopping and a safe drive!

7:52 AM  
Blogger Donna M said...

Have a safe trip and I hope you are lucky in your truck search!

Quite the list of FOs!

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a good feeling that you will find a great truck for a great price! At least I don't think there are any storms out there to impede your driving. Good Luck!!

6:08 AM  
Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Socks look great - good luck with all the truck stuff!

4:13 PM  

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