Monday, September 04, 2006

Merry Christmas

Lots of pictures ahead! Can't believe Blogger let me upload so many in one post. I have been cut off, however. Still haven't had time to sit down and play with Flickr yet.

The other day one of the guys I work with asked me what Bernat Handicrafter is used for. We sell lots of it. I told him mostly dishcloths and such. He doesn't know it yet, but I made one for him. He likes blue, and I happened to have a skein of it kicking around. Sorry the first picture is sorta fuzzy. The up-close isn't the greatest, either.

Cast on 38sts with 5mm needles.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Purl

Row 3: K1, K2tog twice, *(yo, K1) 4 times, (K2tog) 4 times. Repeat from * to last 5 sts. K2tog twice, K1

Row 4: Knit

Repeat these four rows 11 more times or til desired length. A two-tone (or more colors) dishcloth can be created by alternating colors every four rows. (That's a great way to use up odds and ends!)

We took my old Super Nintendo with us to the camper. I have quite a few games for it, but it's old and takes spells where it doesn't want to work. Some games have pretty much given up the ghost. I forgot about this one. You are Bubsy, and you go around collecting balls of yarn from the alien Woolies. The middle picture shows a couple of Woolies (which you can get rid of by jumping on their heads), and the last pictures shows Bubsy collecting yarn balls.

It was Christmas at our campground this weekend. The next three pictures are all of our camper, taken at different angles. There were candles in the windows, but they're hard to see.

Santa gave out presents to the kids. The Littlest One got a table top soccer game where you put sneakers on your fingers and "kick" the ball into your opponent's net. He was playing with the son of friends of ours. The Older One got a car to build.

Of course there were sparklers -- not from Santa, but from Mom.

I did get some knitting done. I made a Christmas dishcloth for the store on the drive down and started another one on the drive home. I finished the front of the Briggs & Little adult sweater for the store. Well, to the shaping of the neck. The pattern calls for the front to be done first, but I forgot the pattern at home. I will finish that tonight. After finishing that I will work on completing the second Broadripple sock and the second dishcloth.

The boys found a caterpillar a few weeks ago. They put him in one of their bug houses they got with their bug collecting kits. (Funny -- they've got bug collecting kits, but 95% of the time they're petrified of bugs!) A couple of days after we got him he cocooned himself in one of the corners. I've been keeping an eye on him. He did change somewhat, but for the last little bit he didn't look any different. I checked him before we left Saturday morning, and he looked just a little different, couple of different rings. When we came home today he was out! He had emerged as a cute little moth, quite dark with some spots on his wings. We took him outside and let him go. They have a caterpillar in the other bug house, and he's either getting ready to cocoon himself or he isn't doing so well. He has changed his appearance since we found him at the campground on Thursday. He isn't the same as the other one was, so I hope he does "change" so we can see what he looks like! (I did read on the internet that if the caterpillar is hairy then chances are it's a moth. If it's hairless, chances are it's a butterfly.)

School starts Wednesday! The Littlest One starts his first year of preschool next Monday. Two hours on Monday and Tuesday mornings to myself!

Happy knitting!


Blogger Jenni said...

My swap partner sent me some dyed sock Briggs and Little sock yarn. I loved it. It had a beautiful sheen to it. I wonder if I can find a supplier in the states.

Your campsite looks very fun!

7:43 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Looks like a great weekend -- we should have Christmas every month!

8:27 PM  
Blogger Shelley said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time and enjoyed him/her self!

I never knew that about the harry ones being moths and non harry ones butterflies...interesting.

That's a neat dishcloth you did. It would look nice as a scarf too - well in wool and not dishcloth cotton lol.

9:55 PM  
Blogger Lavendersheep said...

Ooh...that game sounds awesome. Did you know that new system that is coming out by nintendo is suppose to be able to download the classics from all the past systems? I wonder if they will have that one...

11:38 PM  
Blogger aija said...

Very cool bug project-- I was obsessed with moths when I was younger :)

12:31 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

You obviously had a great Christmas weekend. I can't believe all the decorations. I have all I can do to get them up once a year!
The dishcloth looks great!

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Oh, I looove the pics, thanks for sharing! Such a lovely dishcloth you did - and yay for Christmas, even if it's a bit early, but it can't be often enough, can it? I loved the story about the caterpillar, it must have been so interesting watching it turning into that beautiful moth - nature never fails to surprise and astonish us, don't you think?

4:57 AM  

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