Thursday, January 27, 2005

In the Deep Freeze

We are still experiencing very cold temperatures here in beautiful Nova Scotia. Today is a wonderfully sunny day, but it is -30 Celsius with the wind chill.

The Bernat Denimstyles scarf that I knit was for one of my co-workers who turned 40 on Tuesday. He loved it! He wears a black leather jacket that has a sort of V at the neck, so the black and white scarf looks great under it. He didn't have a scarf, so I wasn't sure if he'd wear it or not. Now I think his roommate might get me to make him one but longer. And actually one of the other guys at work went over to the Saan store on his lunch break Tuesday and bought three balls of the denimstyle in sweatshirt (grey & white) for me to make one for him! He wants his about 2 feet longer.

I finished the baby jacket yesterday and got quite a bit done on the blanket. I have to work half a day tomorrow and am off the weekend, so I am hoping to finish it so I can mail it off next week. I also started a pair of house socks out of Shetland Ragg yarn for myself.

I joined Secret Pals 4 and should receive my SP info by the 31st. I am excited! This is the first time doing SP, and I am looking forward to it. I was also looking into some different knit-alongs. I have never tried that either but have been thinking about it.

Off to work more on the baby blanket! Logan is listening to his Wiggles cd we made for him for the third time, and Darren is playing his Scooby Doo game on his PS2.

Happy Knitting!


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