Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Typical Wednesday

Just a typical Wednesday here today. Took Darren to preschool this morning, then Logan and I went grocery shopping, then I came home and did some bookkeeping. We picked Darren up at 11:30 and took the boys to McDonalds. Haven't been there for quite awhile. Darren had Wednesday afternoon playgroup as well, then it was home for even more bookkeeping. We have a 1998 Freightliner, which my husband uses to haul containers from the paper company in town to the piers in Halifax every day, usually two trips a day. That means it's year-end time! Haven't had time to knit so far today, but am looking forward to doing so really soon.

I got my third ball of Annie Blatt mohair yesterday, so I finished my scarf last night. I really like it now and am happy I got another ball. It was too short. Now it measures about 60+ inches long (haven't measured it). I am also working on a scarf for a friend out of Bernat Denimstyles in Jordache (black and white ragg yarn). Also have that baby set to finish! I like to take a break from the baby blanket once in awhile. It's sooooo monotonous I need the change.

Well, must go watch People's Court and knit! I do love my court shows! Might make a pie, too.

Happy Knitting!


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