Friday, February 25, 2005

Blizzard Warning, Heavy Snowfall, Light Snow, Make Up Your Mind!

First off yesterday there was a blizzard warning for today. Then a little later they downgraded it to a heavy snowfall warning. Then a little later again it was downgraded to two inches. Now it's back up to 4-6 inches, which we must have by now, and the snow is still falling. The school board knew that it was going to snow and blow hard this afternoon but did not cancel school -- that is until lunch time. The roads are a mess. I put my truck in 4 wheel drive so I wouldn't slide all over the place. Only have to work til 2 today, so I only have a little over an hour left.

I made a scarf out of the yarn that my Secret Pal sent me. I stayed up til almost midnight on Monday to finish it. I took pictures of it and will transfer them to the computer this weekend. It's really warm and cuddly. I have been wearing it every day!

Last night I took a run into Halifax with hubby in the Big Truck. I decided that I could not do his job (if I had a Class 1 license). I suffer from too much road rage. We had to go into the pier, so we had to get in the lineup, which wasn't too long. Then they let us inside the yard. And then we had to wait and wait and wait some more while a reefer repairman looked at one of the trucks up ahead of us. If they can't get a reading on the temperature gauge they won't let them unload it, as if whatever is inside spoils then the pier is responsible. (That's why the company that Travis works for won't haul refrigerated units.) Anyways, instead of pulling that truck off to the side and letting the rest of us in they left him in the lineup. Eventually we got inside. You have to wait for someone to come along and take your box off. Then you go somewhere else and wait for someone else to come and put your new box on. They drive towards you, then turn around and drive away, or keep going by. That happened to us last night, and the guy in the truck beside us laid on the air horn. That, naturally, really pisses them off, and they usually make you wait even longer. But thankfully that wasn't the case last night. Hubby spent the night in Bridgewater last night to get his 90-day inspection done. They found a few things needing repairs. He is currently sleeping at the garage (in his bunk in the truck, of course!) waiting for parts from Halifax to come so he can get his repairs done and come home.

Anyways, I did knit a hat for The Dulaan Project on the journey. I didn't follow a pattern. I just cast on 70 sts with worsted weight yarn and knit til it looked long enough. It has a ribbed turned-up brim, and the rest is just plain stocking stitch. Then I started shaping the top. I did it on two needles -- it's just too hard trying to knit in the dark bouncing around in an 18-wheeler on dpns. I sewed the seam this morning and tried it on my two-year-old. It fit him perfectly! Now I have 4 items ready to go, 16 more to reach my personal goal. I separated the yarn I have for the project yesterday and figure I have enough to make 3 pairs of mittens and 3 pairs of socks, possibly more.

Well, must go make myself useful for the next 45 minutes. Nice day to go home, make lasagna, and knit.

Happy knitting!


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