Sunday, February 20, 2005

Finally Secret Pal 4 Gift Pictures

Here are some pictures of the stuff my Secret Pal sent me. Of course, the chocolates and biscuit cookies she sent are long gone! I have not put the Spongebob poster up yet. It's really big, and I will probably have to move a few things around first.

Today has been a sort of productive day. Just watching the Daytona 500 right now. They just had the first accident. (I am a Michael Waltrip fan, but honestly I like to see people win the 500 who have never won before.) I made a batch of baked beans today and did a little bit of housework. I also finished a scarf for the Dulaan Project out of a bit of Bernat Denimstyles yarn I had leftover from another project. Just plain garter stitch on 9mm needles. I was looking through my stash last night and figure I have enough odds and ends to probably make three pairs of mittens and some socks. I want to sent my package to them by June 1. Anything they receive after July 1 goes in next year's shipment. So far I have two scarves and a hat finished.

Think I'll go back out to watch the race and make some more booties for my preemie sets order.

Happy Knitting!


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