Friday, February 18, 2005

Possible Projects

Here are some pictures of some possible future projects I may tackle. Right now I am doing an order for six preemie sets for my best customer. When that is finished I have to knit Shane's scarf that he has been ever-so patiently waiting for (sweetheart that he is!). He said he was in no hurry for it, but it would be nice if he got to use it at least once before next winter! I also want to use up a bunch of the baby yarn I have in my stash. I must have enough to make at least 8 sets, maybe more. All I may need is ribbon and some buttons. (I like nice buttons.) All to make money to buy more yarn! And I also want to use up some odds and ends to make some more stuff for the Dulaan Project (check out the link on the sidebar).

I took some pictures of the loot that my wonderful Secret Pal sent me, but my batteries died and have to be recharged before I can transfer the pictures to the computer. I'll try to get that done over the weekend. I am also anxious to use the yarn she sent me (still thinking what I want to do with it!). I have also been planning my Secret Pal's next gift, which I will be sending mid-March so she can get it for Easter.

In my profile and in my Secret Pal questionnaire I said I was a basically self-taught knitter. I also had a good friend who helped me out a lot when I needed it. She taught me cables and helped me learn to pick up stitches and work yokes. She passed away last Saturday at 64. Thanks, Charlotte, for all you taught me. She hadn't knit much in the past few years, as it bothered her shoulders. I have a ton of patterns in my collection that I copied out of her books. She knit me a gorgeous dark green chenille cabled sweater years ago (before I was experienced enough in the cabled sweaters department, and I'd never used chenille before). She also made a gorgeous dusty rose sweater with leaf panels and cables that I absolutely loved. I have the pattern and will make it some day. She also made the most gorgeous cross stitches! It was funny - she belonged to a group that used to exchange Christmas ornaments, so she picked up a kit of cross stitched tree ornaments (little Victorian houses) one time to make for the Christmas party exchange. I went over to her house to teach her how to cross stitch. After spending the afternoon with her she basically knew what she was doing. Then she called one day to ask me to make the little wreaths for on the ornaments. Can't remember how exactly they went, but each ornament had a little green wreath made out of floss and red holly berries. They were a pain to make but looked really nice. Anyways... she didn't really like making the kit - "never going to do that again". Well, I don't think she ever did anything small again. Her next project was an absolutely gorgeous large (probably 11x14ish) piece that had two separate narrow pieces to frame for either side! And the frame she picked out was beautiful. Cross stich basically replaced knitting for her, and knitting basically replaced cross stitch for me! After that all she did was big pieces like that, very detailed, flawless, beautiful works of art. I know she's stitching up a storm up there in heaven! Miss ya, Char!

Enough ramblings for one night, I guess. Have to work in the morning.

Happy Knitting!


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