Sunday, February 27, 2005

Quirky Bloggerbot

I have posted three of the eight pictures I have to post to my blog, but I can't get the other ones to transfer. I have tried several times, restarted the computer, etc, etc, but nothing is working. Guess I will just have to try later.

We got home last night around 12:45. Got depressed at the party we were at when someone pointed out that I was the oldest one there. (I'll be 33 on Tuesday.) All in all it wasn't too bad. Travis took Darren with him on a run to Halifax this afternoon. They should be back any minute. Logan slept most of the afternoon, so I did some knitting on the preemie sets order I have to complete.

Well, I will try the pictures again after supper. Must go finish my stew and watch the Nascar race.

Happy Knitting!


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