Saturday, February 26, 2005

Gotta Love Good Buys!

I stopped into a store in town yesterday that is in the process of closing out (and supposedly reopening). They don't have much left for yarn, but I did pick up a ball of yellow Bernat Smarty Pants. It was originally $3.59, there was a clearance tag on it that said $2.55, but when she rang it in it was only $1.77 with the tax! I went back today and got the only other ball of it they had - pink. Couldn't pass that price up. So far I have made a twisted stocking stitch hat with the yellow, and I have started a mock cable ribbed hat in the pink, both for the Dulaan Project. There will be enough yarn leftover from both balls to make a two-tone hat as well. I am thinking one of those honeycomb-style hats with the ear flaps and tie under the chin. Now I have 5 finished items to send and another on the needles! I also have other things I need to finish soon as well. I also picked up two balls of Bernat Denimstyles today - one a rose/natural ragg and one a lilac/natural ragg. I plan on using them to make those hot water bottle covers mentioned in a post earlier this week, one for me and one for Ma.

Today is our 5th anniversary. We are going out later with some friends. I have my old faithful - Kahlua and milk! Hubby has his beer. He played volleyball most of the day, so I knit and made Lego things with the boys.

Well, soon time to get ready to go out - that doesn't happen very often!

Happy knitting!


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