Monday, May 23, 2005


It has been rainig since Saturday night around 6pm. It is supposed to rain all night and stop sometime tomorrow. The sun is supposed to shine on Tuesday, then periods of rain for the rest of the week. Over the weekend so far we have had over 206ml of rain! And it's still falling, only now being driven by 80-100km/hour winds. Travis was out til almost 2am with the fire department pumping out basements.

We have lived in our house for 4 years now. We have never gotten any water in our basement, and according to the man we bought it from (who built it in 1968) he never ever had any water, either. Last night the brook that runs sort of behind our house decided to overflow into the neighbor's yard. Below are some pictures of it. The fire department came and sandbagged the retaining wall. That brook normally doesn't have much water in it, almost drying up at some points in the summer. But it is about 6' deep, and last night with high tide and the full moon it overflowed for the first time since we lived here. I kept an eye on our basement just in case any water came up through the drains.

Good weather for knitting. I finished my buttonhole bag and am in the process of felting it now. I also am trying to finish a Dulaan scarf today so I can get that package ready to mail next Monday or so. Don't quite know if I will reach my 20 items or not. I think I am at about 15 now. But the boys are invitited to a birthday party on Sunday, and I may try to knit the little guy a sweater. Not decided for sure yet. If I do I probably won't get any more Dulaan stuff made for this year's shipment but will work on some stuff for next year. I want to try thrumming. I printed off a nice thrummed sock pattern the other day I'd like to try.

Must go make some stew. Must remember, too, that tomorrow is Tuesday. Today is Victoria Day in Canada. About half the stores are open, half closed. It's gotten to be a weird holiday. All government stuff and schools are closed, banks, our store, but the grocery stores and dollar stores are open. Still makes today seem like Sunday.

Happy knitting!


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