Sunday, May 22, 2005

Monsoon Season

I think the monsoon season has struck. I rained so hard on the drive home from New Brunswick at times it was hard to see the road. We were home for about 15 minutes, and hubby had to go help pump flooded basements.

It was a pretty good weekend. Spent Friday night in Truro. The place we stayed in was a little "yuck" when we pulled up to it. Definitely needs work on the outside. But inside wasn't too bad. I basically am pretty cheap, so as long as there are no rats or roaches running around I'm okay. Can't bring myself to pay too much if we're just basically going to be in the room to sleep. We ended up going to the car show yesterday, which was a good idea considering the weather today. Bought the boys some dinky cars at the flea market, some fudge, cotton candy, and three hand-poured soy tarts for me (cinnamon, blueberry, and strawberry). We went to WalMart and got the boys a Spongebob play mat. Kind of neat. It has SB's house, Squidward's house, Patrik's and Sandy's. Plus there are other houses and streets they can drive their cars on. We also got SB's Battle for Bikini Bottom for PS2. We rent it a lot at the Movie Gallery at almost $9 for 7 days. This was a little over $30 with the tax.

We arrived in Moncton about 4pm. Found our motel easily - pawn shop across the road, two bars on the right and a liquor store. The notice to guests on the back of the door made the place seem like a "party" spot. (If you have any trouble with other guests being noisy while the office is closed from 2:30am til 6:30am, please call the local RCMP...) I heard someone run by the room at some point in the wee hours. Other than that it was quiet. I don't think they were very full anyways. The monster truck show was good, albeit noisy where we were inside. They had five trucks, but the place was too small for them to do anything too amazing. We had good seats, and I took lots of pictures. They also had quad racing, but the floor was too slippery for them too race too fast. The go-karts had the worst time. They also had guys doing bike and rollerblading tricks. They were good. There was a guy there who jumped a monster truck on a motorbike. He came back later in the show and did it again, only this time over three monster trucks. There was also Psycho the Jet ATV. He was super loud in that small spot. We all had earplugs in except Logan, so I got him to put his fingers in his ears, then Daddy put his hands over them. The ATV couldn't really do anything inside. 5000 horsepower in a hockey rink? Just noise, and his second time out he lit up the afterburner. Talk about heat and exhaust. I took a couple of pictures of it, but I don't know how they turned out. It was all definitely worth $20 adults, $14 kids.

I got almost the whole front of my sweater completed. We were just getting to Moncton, and I was getting ready to shape the neck, when I noticed that I dropped a stitch somewhere. I found it 20 rows back. Had to rip that out when we got to the motel. Then it was time to leave for the Coliseum. I now have one side done and will finish the other tonight. If I hadn't messed that up I would have been able to start the back.

Off to make some supper and finish laundry. Tonight I will finish the front of the sweater and hopefully my large buttonhole bag.

Happy Knitting!


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