Thursday, June 23, 2005

Slow Progress

It's slow progress on that baby set. Even though it's almost done and won't take much to finish, I won't get it done tonight. I have to sew the buttons on, and today I saw that I never sewed the booties up, so that still has to be done. I was hoping to get it listed on eBay today. Hopefully on the weekend. It was so nice out tonight that the boys and I went outside this evening. They played in the yard, I worked a little on the set, then we went for a walk to town. I think I have enough of the yarn left to do a bonnet and booties set to take to the store to sell. Then I want to make Logan's sweater (which I've only ever done two rows on it), do my socks (which I've had the yarn for ages to do), and finish the adult sweater I started eons ago for the store (only the front is done on that). Plus I really want to use up the baby yarn in my stash. So many projects, so little time.... Darren has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, which is about a 40 minute drive, so I'll take something basic to work on, maybe Logan's sweater or a dishcloth. (Travis will be driving so I can knit!)

Anyways, almost bedtime.

Happy Knitting!


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