Sunday, January 08, 2006

Graceful We Are Not

We aren't a very graceful family. All of us are on the clumsy side. Just before supper tonight the boys were running up and down the hallway. Of course, they were told to stop, and we were ignored, of course. First thing Logan is crying. He comes out with blood on his right eyebrow. I wiped it off and saw that he needed his first stitches! I called the outpatients department to let them know that I was bringing him up and that he required stitches. After over an hour-and-a-half wait the doctor finally came in and decided that she would glue the cut instead of stitch it. She said either way it would scar, and this would be less traumatic for him. He pretty much had me run ragged before he was fixed up, and there were no ill side effects once we got home. He played just the same as always. There is a lot of blood under the tape stuff she put on him. I may call my doctor tomorrow to see if I can pop in and get him to check it. I think I would have preferred a couple of stitches to the glue.

Darren started skating lessons today. His grandparents bought him a new helmet. The other one has been passed down to Logan. He will go nine more Sundays, plus his school is going on the 17th and again in February. I go to that with him. He has expressed interest in playing hockey next year which pleases Daddy to no end. I will put Logan into skating in the fall. He could have probably started this season. They start them at three, and he will be three this Saturday. I'd rather he be a bit older. He's sooo excited, though. I may take him to some public skates once Darren is a little better at it. We have four-bladed skates that strap to his boots that belonged to a friend of ours. Both of their helmets have face guards. That's a good thing. As clumsy as they are they'd probably bash their teeth out!

Not a lot of progress this weekend on the knitting front. I was hoping to finish the baby sweater out of the sock yarn that I started ages ago. I have the sleeves and back completed, and I have the front done up to the neck shaping. I am hoping to have it finished and ready to sew together tomorrow by noon time. It's based on this pattern, but I've made some modifications so far. I also don't like the neck, so when I come to that I will be doing some tinkering as well.

I don't work again until Wednesday. I am hoping in addition to the baby sweater to also complete a small felted buttonhole bag and try the felted bucket hat pattern that I got from NovaKnitter. I had also hoped to finish (or almost) the adult Shetland Ragg sweater I started for the store back in May or so, but that isn't going to happen now. Will hopefully have some pics of FOs by mid-week.

Happy knitting!


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