Monday, February 26, 2007

More February Socks

I finished another pair of socks this month. This must be my fourth pair, I think. They are knit with Austermann Step color 02. I normally make sure my stripes match, but I got this skein half price because it had a swatch knit from it. I didn't want to run out of yarn trying to match the stripes, so I just knit. I ended up having enough left over that I could have matched them, I think. Now the Littlest One will be getting a pair. I may have to do solid heels and toes to make sure I don't run out. The pattern for these socks is from The YoYo Knits. I can't get it to link directly to the post, but it's in her January 2007 archive, on the 23rd, called Slapdash Socks. It has an Eye of Partridge heel, but it's hard to tell. They took about a week to knit. I can't remember the exact day I started, but I finished them yesterday.

I also made another pair of felted slippers for the store out of Patons Classic Wool. I did the plain join sole for this pair, size ladies' medium. I still want to do a pair of ladies' small in Briggs & Little so people can compare the two. I try to push people to the CW for felting, but B&L is cheaper. CW makes life a lot easier, though, when it comes to the felting process! One trip in the hot wash and these fit me perfectly. Started these February 21, finished February 22.

We had a really nice weekend. It was above 0C both days and sunny. We went to a local wooded walking trail both Saturday and Sunday. These pictures were taken the first day. I didn't take the camera the second day. Sunday the boys took their crazy carpets and slid down any little hill we came to, provided it wasn't where they could slide into the river or the little pond. The best hill was the one at the start of the trail, packed down snow from all the feet, and it's nice and open. They got me to push them, which made them go even faster. I took only one turn cuz I didn't want to get all wet (didn't wear snowpants).
Big snow-covered dirt pile, must climb...
The Oldest One made it up first. The Littlest One got there eventually. They had to slide down on their butts, of course. No pictures of that. They decided to slide down where there was a tree at the bottom, so I had to make sure there were no collisions.
Check out this Leaning Tower of Tree. Poor thing is just holding on by the roots. It's huge, but the good thing is it's leaning over the pond. When it goes it shouldn't fall on the path or on top of anyone. They have warning signs up to stay out of the park if it's really windy because it's a "mature" forest, and there's the risk of getting hurt by falling trees or branches.
I went back to the trail this morning while the Littlest One was in preschool. I couldn't believe how icy it got since yesterday! We were home at one, so it must have melted a lot in the afternoon. I was very careful where I stepped in some places . It probably won't be fit to walk on much more for awhile with the weather warming up. Not until the snow and ice melts off the trails.
I like Doctor Who, the new ones, not the old ones. I was disappointed to see that Billie Piper left the series. She was originally going to do a third season but ended up leaving. It's kinda open for a possible return or maybe just be back for an episode or two. I really liked her and David Tennant together. But I guess that's how the series goes. Ever-changing Doctors and different companions. (I really like Rose's fingerless mitts at the end of Doomsday. I'd like to sit down and figure out a pattern for them.)
It's looking like hubby will be leaving in a few weeks for Yellowknife. I'll be a nervous wreck. He says it's all flat driving and isn't bothered by it, but black ice is black ice and happens anywhere. There's three of them scheduled to go, so I'm hoping they get to drive together. He should be home tomorrow night. This was one of the longest trips he's been on. He left three weeks ago today, but granted he was held up four days because of the accident.
Speaking of hubby -- Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary!
Happy knitting!
Grrr! This really annoys me when Blogger doesn't keep my paragraph spacing!


Anonymous Heddy said...

happy anniversary! too bad your sweetie isn't home to celebrate with you - but soon!

Nice looking socks ... I am still struggling along with my Austermans _ can't figure out if they are for me or he, and so haven't turned the heel yet, until I decide. I saw the pink slippers in person (nice) ... I would totally have to be blunt with people who want to felt with B&L "Man, if you have an hour and a half to spend standing in front of the machine and don't care if they EVER shrink down to fit anyone you might know, sure, save the $2 per ball and knit them. " CW is the only way to go! The kids look like they are having a blast at the park - you really do get them out and around to some cool places (making wonderful memories for them when they grow up, lots of "Remember when ..." stories. Sweet!)

6:50 PM  
Blogger Charity said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the finished socks, how did you like the Step yarn?

(I noticed Rose's fingerless gloves, too! :0)

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

Happy Anniversary!
Your socks are great....Don't you like the Austermann Step? I liked knitting with it AND they are Dave's favorite handknit socks so far....
I enjoyed the "boys in the snow" pics

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Hubby and I did the Yellowknife drive many years ago - driving across the lake freaked me out; had to have my eyes closed the whole time. I don't recommend that for your hubby :) Tell him to look for the buffalo when he sees the buffalo crossing signs - they'll be there somewhere, and it's an awesome site. And tell him to have a caribou meal while he is there - expensive, but worth it to say that you ate some.

This is Dorothy by the way, blogger won't let me sign in! :(

8:51 PM  
Blogger Ragan said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Wow!
Love those socks, they are great. Ooooooo....
The felt slippers are great too!

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

Happy Anniversary!
Wow, what a great time it seems you have had - this is something I missed big time this "winter", strolling through a winter wonderland and having fun in the snow - what a shame we didn't get any snow down here in the valley this year ;( But I so enjoyed your pics and seeing the fun your lil' ones had!
I really love the socks you made - Austermann sure has some adorable sock yarn, and these colours totally rock!
And your slippers - yummy, I totally adore them!

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Virtuella said...

Hi, happy anniversary!
And your crocs.., the pink ones... I love them!
Really really beautiful!

11:50 AM  
Blogger somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Bon Anniversaire! Thanks for the compliment on the Horcrux socks. Susan made knitting that pattern fun!

1:32 AM  
Anonymous Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Yellowknife?!!! eek.
I love the socks mismatched. I like a mix of matched and mismatched.
The boys look like the had a blast in the snow. I wish I was there.

10:22 AM  

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