Friday, May 18, 2007

Six of Fifty-Two

Broadripples for Me
Regia Cotton Color 5412
pattern follow to the T
(except for shorter cuff since I was using one skein plus leftovers from another pair of socks)

In retro I should have knit them on a smaller needle, 3mm or possible 2.75mm. (See, here's where my lack of swatching hurts. But these are for me, so I can live with it.) This yarn is kinda stretchy and floopy, and since it's a lace pattern there's a lot of ooomfph. I've knit with Regia Cotton Color three times before these socks, but they've just been plain old vanilla socks. I normally knit socks with longer cuffs, but I didn't have enough yarn. Besides, it's going on summer, this is cotton yarn, I don't need long socks. I have two other single skeins of cotton sock yarn that I plan on using to try this pattern, for myself as well. (Don't I sound greedy when it comes to socks?!) These socks have matching cuffs, but the foot isn't matched. I tried to get the toes as close as possible. There's a bit more orange on the toe of the first sock. Didn't know if I had enough yarn to do too much fiddling.

I read about this contest on Heddy's blog. My summer knitting goals are to complete at least half of my planned Christmas knitting. That's not big projects, lots of socks, hats, scarves. I also want to finish a sweater for each of my boys (more if time allows, but I'll settle for one each as a goal). I'd also like to have at least twenty pairs of socks complete for the 52PP. (By the time I finish my Dulaan stuff I should be halfway to twenty, plus some of my Christmas knitting is socks, so that's two goals in one.) I'd also like to complete at least one of the sweaters that I have the yarn for in my stash for myself, plus finish up one I'm making for the store. (I could be getting greedy listing those last two!) Oh, yes, and I want to make a baby blanket, baby socks with my leftovers, and at least one outfit for my niece/nephew who will be born in November. Anyways, this is a fun contest, and it may help me achieve my goals.

As for the WWKIPD at the store on Saturday, June 9, I'd say it will start around 1pm. We're open from 9-4, but I think most places are starting their stuff in the afternoon. I'll try to see if I can wrangle some Timbits and pop. (I can guarantee it won't be fancy!) It's the last day of our yarn sale, too. I want to try to think of something else to offer as a special for that day only. I'll have to think about that one some more. I've got a few ideas, just have to see if I'll be allowed to do what I want to do. I'll post a few days prior with finalized details and if there are any specials for that day.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Heddy said...

Cute lil Socks! You can barely notice that they aren't identical ... the matching up of colours on the toe is very similar, so its a bit deceiving ! The Broadripples are cute as shorties!

I found the Broadripples to be loose when knit in the 3.25 needles, and too tight when knit on 2.75's ... funny, eh? I knit the pair for my MIL on 3mm and they seem to be a good fit for me.

You sure do have a lot of knitting goals for the Summer -- that's good (lots of pics on the Blog? ;) I check often)

The WWKIPD sounds good ... I hope it is sunny so we can be outdoors. I wouldn't worry about the snacks ... they just get on your yarn!

2:03 PM  
Blogger Charity said...

These are really nice! Thanks for the link to the ankle socks, they sound like just the ticket for some upcoming summer socks. :0)

2:19 PM  
Blogger Shelley said...

Love the socks! The colourway is so pretty!

10:43 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

Great socks! Looking forward to seeing all your summer goals completed! I am off today on the hunt for Lucy Neatby's equilateral vest pattern and yarn.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

Wow! Awesome socks, and what a gorgeous colourway! Perfect for summer indeed!

2:22 AM  
Blogger Alisha said...

Great socks!!!

6:40 PM  

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