Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Stuff Coming

We'll be having new yarns in the store in the next couple of weeks. So far I have ordered in all the colors of Patons Rumor. Today I ordered more On Your Toes Bamboo Sock Yarn, On Your Toes DK Sock Yarn, On Your Toes 4ply Sock Yarn (just the striping ones), and a variety bag of Austermann Step. I also got some more of the On Your Toes books. (The one for the bamboo yarn isn't available yet, but I asked if I could pre-order some.) Also today I ordered six colors of Alpaca Melange (can't remember which ones, I used these guys to help me decide) and Kureyon Sock. I asked them to send variety bags if they have them, which I highly doubt they do, so if not they'll send 184 and 40. I was telling one customer about it, and she seemed quite interested. I'm sure she'll buy it -- she goes through a large amount of sock yarn, that's for sure. (I overheard the Boss Lady telling someone today that she's been keeping the yarn department like the former owner had it, and the young people are trying to "modernize" it.)

Still no puppy. She was supposed to come last night, and it got cancelled again by the smaller airline. Then she was supposed to come today, but Newfoundland is getting hammered with a snowstorm, and the planes aren't flying. So now she's booked for Friday. She'll be totally grown up by the time we get her. By now she must be seven months old, its been well over two weeks since we said we wanted her. Oh, well. It's not the shelter's fault, they can't help what the airlines do or the weather.

Got one sock done that is needed for Friday. The other one isn't started yet. I'll do that tonight. I'm off tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get it done. Why do I always have to knit socks for guys with such big feet? LOL! The heel ended just perfectly, keeping the stripes flowing like they should.

Not sure if I'll get to Knit Nite or not. If my parents show up to watch the kids I'll be going to the first one at the new location. If not I'll be knitting at home and thinking about them! (I worked at the new location for 4.5 years. MIL still works there, but she's laid off for the winter. She's a cook, been there for probably 30 years now, and I used to work the front desk. Left there nine years ago, and it will be nine years in March that I've been where I am now.)

Happy knitting!


Blogger Monika said...

I haven't read all your posts, so I might ask a stupid question. Is the store you are talking about in Halifax?
Oh, you are getting a Newfoundland puppy? Those are huge! I saw one the other day, waiting in front of Sobeys. They look fabulous!

I was all gaga over the new Noro sock yarn. I like the colors, but what stopped me from buying was, that it's single ply. I'm waiting to see what people are saying how they hold up with wear and washing. Thanks for the link. I'll go check it out now. :o)

9:17 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Glad you made it to Knit Nite last evening.
I am crossing my fingers and toes that your puppy arrives safely on Friday!

10:08 AM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

geepers, that puppy could have swam here by now! Hope it comes soon ... I'm anxious for puppy pictures :)

6:01 PM  

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