Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Birthday Socks

We had a bit of snow, I can't even remember the exact date, sometime after my last post. The dogs loved it. However, the next day it was really mild, and it pretty much all went away. First Maggie checked it out...

...then Jewel checked it out.

She looks kind of bug eyed cuz she was just getting ready to shake the snow off.

Saturday the 14th was the Littlest One's 9th birthday. He went bowling, too.

These are two of our nephews. The little one on his hands and knees is four and has never bowled before. He was so good, I couldn't believe it, but he made me nervous cuz every time he'd throw the ball he'd pretty much fall, and I was scared he'd hit his face. There is a thing for kids to use to roll the ball down instead of throwing it (not sure when they got it, first time I've ever seen it there), but he only used it once or twice, and he did much better on his own. I think his final score was 69, he tied for first!

Then it was presents, pizza, and cake time. The only picture I got of him with the cake, he didn't even wait for the Happy Birthday song to finish, he blew the candles out, lol.

I finished his birthday socks up on the 15th. They are a plain 3x2 rib over 55sts (had 56sts on for the cuff, then decreased one stitch), heel over 28sts so I could get purl stitches on either side of the top of the foot. I cast on one stitch on the top of the foot before toe shaping so I'd have 14-28-14sts. Toe to 20sts. The yarn is ONline Supersocke 100 Walking Color, Ravelry details here.

So we had a little bit of snow again last Friday. It ended up snowing, then raining, then snowing again, then the sun came out. Then it got cold, and the little bit of snowy slush we had turned to ice. But that didn't last, today it's like +8C and raining, everything is gone.

I had a very pleasant surprise the other Sunday (Jan 15th). Suppertime my doorbell rings, and I go to answer it. When I open the inside door there standing is my very BFF of 33 years. The surprise part was that she lives in Alberta, I'm in Nova Scotia, and I didn't know she was coming! It was a last minute thing more or less, she found out that Friday that she was coming home for four or five days, and she wouldn't let her family tell me she was coming. She works in a bar/restaurant, and her boss sent her home to get lobsters. This weekend past they had a Maritimes Festival, so they wanted nice, fresh, Maritime lobsters. So she stayed til Wednesday, but that afternoon they headed back to the city. She went with two of her brothers and her father to a comedy show in the city, then her plane left 7am on Thursday. Hubs was like, "They could have arranged that over the phone", but I told him not to look a gift trip in the mouth, lol. Any time her boss wants to fly her home for a few days for lobsters we'll take it!! (And I had a pair of socks put away for her to give to her this summer. I gave them to her now, and she said they were the best fitting pair of socks I've knit for her so far!)

Happy knitting!

PS Hop on over to new Mom Heddy's blog and see her little Munchkin -- he's SO cute!!


Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Looks like he had a great birthday!

We've had a couple days of snow, but every time it does - the rain soon washes it all away. This morning I work up to a nice little covering of it - by the drive home from work - it was raining and most of it was gone.

9:01 PM  
Blogger Frieda said...

So January is birthday month at your house ;-) . A belated happy birthday to both of the young guys!

Our winter has been the crappiest one ever . Not enough snow for cross country skiing , didn't get out even once so far . Mind you that hasn't been all due to the weather. Yesterday it poured rain all day.Today it's sunny and mild , but no snow forecast any time soon ...

Love both pairs of socks btw , great colours !

3:41 PM  

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