Saturday, May 28, 2005

Day 8 and Counting

This is day 8, and it's still raining. The forecast is calling for sun and cloud on Tuesday. I forget what the sun looks like. I'll be sure to take a picture of the sun when we actually see it again! My grass will be so long by the time the rain stops that I will have to get someone with a bushsaw to cut it!

I only have the cuff left to do on the size 6 kids sweater I am making. I have to have it finished for 3pm tomorrow (birthday party time). The sleeves were picked up along the edge and knit down, so all I have to do is sew the side and sleeve seams. It turned out quite well. I have enough yarn left over that I may just pick up some yarn to do a burgundy one with navy stripes to bring in to the store to sell. I also picked up some more yarn today to make Logan a sweater. I think I will make this one with Canadiana yarn. I have forest green for the body and rainbow variagated for the sleeves and hood. I love the bright colors of the RV, but we only had 2 balls of it. There used to be a sweater on the Bernat site that was green with camouflage sleeves, but it's gone now. I think I have it home in a pile of patterns somewhere, but I'm quite sure it's this same pattern. Close enough for me.

Before I start anything new I have to finish my Dulaan stuff so I can get that in the mail. I don't want to miss the deadline. We had one odd ball of Softee Chunky in rose, so I got that to make a scarf. I may try to make 2 or 3 pairs of mittens as well. Then that should make me reach my 20 items goal.

Must finish that cuff and watch the rain continue to fall.

Happy knitting!


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