Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kool Aid Flop

Tried Kool Aid dyeing the other night, but it didn't turn out as good as I had hoped. It was supposed to be red, green, and purple, but I misread one step and didn't get enough water out of the yarn prior to dyeing, so it turned out like a light mauve-ish with a couple of light green spots. I was going to re-dye it a dark color, but I think I will keep it and make some mittens for next year's Dulaan Project. (I think we are doing it again.) Anyways, I picked up another skein of wool today and will try it again.

I ordered that ice cream maker ball (see yesterday's post), but it's back ordered until August 25. That sucks.

Stayed up til 12:30 this morning to finish the last sleeve of Trellis. Now all that is left is to sew it in and do the arm and sleeve seams, add buttons and block. Will post a picture when it's done.

Happy knitting!


Blogger knitabulous said...

Hey remember me?

It's the green that's causing you the problem. If you just did blue and red, where they bleed into each other will give purple.

If you must have green in it, then it can never touch the blue and red parts. (get it? red and green = brown. green an purple = brown. Green and blue = okay because it would be a sea-green colour). So, you have to do it in batches and get the red part out of the pot when you do the green. My tip: leave the green out altogether.

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