Monday, August 01, 2005


Just a little quickie post to let everyone know I am still around. We went camping this weekend, left Saturday around 10am and got back today after 4pm. We went to Yarmouth to see the mother-in-law. Took our nephew with us. He ended up staying today as well. She has to come to town tomorrow and is bringing him back then. It was Christmas at the campground this weekend. (One of my step-brother-in-laws won first prize - if his campsite looks like that I'd love to see his house at Christmas time! Took some pics with my 35mm, may scan some to post.) We didn't know it or else I would have taken some decorations. All we had was some blue and red Christmas lights to go with a set of six patio lanterns. The camper has an outside light by the door, but it doesn't give off much light, so we took these lights along mostly (to be honest) so I can knit by the campfire and have a little more light to see what I am doing. My days camping are spent mostly chasing Logan, so I don't get much knitting done unless A: Logan is napping or B: Logan is alseep for the night. I did get the front of his sweater finished and over half of a sleeve. It's a two-hour drive. Gotta have something to do.

I finished a baby set for the store tonight. All I had left was the neck and buttons. I took some pictures but will wait to transfer them when there's more on the camera. This is one of my own designs that isn't on my Darganknits site, so I have to add it there as well.

One of the girls at the store has been rearranging the yarn. We have some new kinds coming in and have to make more room. It's looking better now because all of the Briggs and Little wool is together, and all of the colors are out now. I think we were missing some colors. Also all of the fluffy/hairy/shiny novelty yarns are together. We carry Fizz yarn, and a bunch of them had gotten tangled (awful stuff - I hate how they wind it). I had to try to pick apart three balls of Fizz that were tangled with two balls of Sirdar Eskimo. I got two of the Fizz apart, but I had to cut a bunch of the others out. The other girl and I are going to make some scarves to sell. No one will want to buy a hand-wound ball, especially ones that aren't a full skein.

Well, it's past my bedtime. Didn't get much sleep. Up til 2am chatting by the campfire, up again at 8am, chasing Munchkin all day.

Happy knitting!


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