Saturday, August 06, 2005

Scarves Everywhere

The other knitter at work and I have been busy knitting scarves with various "furry" novelty yarns. I have made two so far. One was supposed to be longer than it turned out, but when I joined the second ball it was way different, even though they were both white. So I ended up making a short scarf and am keeping the other ball of white for another project I have in mind. I have one on the needles now and have two balls of black for another one. It's nice to have a sample of each kind of "furry" yarn so people can see how they knit up.

I bought my first set of bamboo needles the other day. I really like them a lot. They are bent a little already. I must be hot stuff! (yeah, right) We don't have a large selection of bamboo needles in stock. I don't think they are really popular around here. (Small town, people set in their ways and used to what the old Ball 'n Skein carried, etc.)

I have pictures to post, but the nephew was over last night and had the computer tied up chatting to his honey he met when he was camping with us last weekend. Will try to get them on tomorrow.

Happy knitting!


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