Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Finally Done

I finally finished the sock yarn baby sweater. I should have a pic of it posted within the next day or so. I must admit that it was one of the most hateful things to sew up that I've ever made! Mostly because of mistakes in the pattern (not on my part). I had my doubts about the button and buttonhole bands when I knit them. Sure enough, when I went to sew it up they made one side too long. I was already frustrated with this project, so I ended up ripping both bands out, turning the button band into the button hole band, stopping the front shoulder where it would without a button band, and putting the buttons on the front so the button band comes over the shoulder instead of buttoning on top of the shoulder. Yikes. I had decided to put a block on the front of the sweater, and I had to rip that back two or three times, so that accounted for my initial frustration. (Must learn intarsia - I carried my yarn across the back, and I think it's a wee bit too tight.) Plus I found some of the number of stitches you were supposed to have after decreasing off in the pattern. But all in all it's a cute little sweater!

I've started a felted bucket hat from a pattern that I got from NovaKnitter. I must get a set of 5.5mm circulars. I had to start it with dpns, and it's a lot of stitches, so I kept losing them off the ends. Now I'm up far enough that I changed to 6mm, and I luckily had those in circs. I must really invest in more circs. I basically only have ones to do necks of sweaters and buttonhole bags. I've never used them unless I had to.

Well, must go treadmill while Logan in asleep.

Happy knitting!


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