Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is There a Rabbit in the House?

Is there a rabbit in my house that I don't know about?

No, it's just this little munchkin! We had half of this cooked with supper. I was keeping the rest of it for tomorrow or the next night. He did this to me one day in the grocery store, too. I was paying for my stuff, and I heard him say, "I like grass!" I looked, and he had reached over and grabbed my broccoli out of the shopping bag and started chewing on it! I ended up breaking off a couple of heads so he could chew on them. Guess I shouldn't complain! It's healthy! (Darren wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot-pole, even if I put cheese on it!)

I worked this afternoon, and I work all day tomorrow and Saturday. It's been soooooo slow and boring it isn't funny. I can't stand it. I just think of all the other things I could be doing. This summer may call early retirement for me. A lady that used to work at the store before I started working there is starting again on the 27th. She had to quit before because after eight or nine years she became allergic to the chemicals in the mini labs. She will print pictures but can't mix chemicals or touch any of the racks unless she wants all the skin on her hands to peel off. I guess she was a mess. Travis doesn't want me working when he's only going to be home for four days every two weeks or so. I also normally work every second Saturday, but with him doing this I can't guarantee them that I will have a sitter to watch the boys. I already told them that. The girl I get now is very active and is in a lot of things at school. She is busy a lot of Saturdays. I may only be able to get her for half a day or not at all. I can see it being a major problem once the summer hits. Plus once Darren is out of school for the summer I would have to rely on her totally as Ma isn't supposed to watch them both at the same time because of her blood pressure. (For me to scoot to the grocery store or something is different. An hour or so is alright.) For what little bit I make every two weeks it's not worth the headache. I already figured out that working a bit extra over this March break is only getting me about 3 or 4 more hours than normal. By the time I pay the sitter I will actually make less than what I normally clear working my usual hours!

Hubby is getting homesick already. He's been sitting in Montreal for a day-and-a-half, waiting to get this other piece of equipment he needed to pick up cleared. The paperwork wasn't ready on it yesterday morning when he was there. I talked to him mid-afternoon, and he was waiting for the guy to come back from lunch break so he could get it put on and hit the road. I hope he makes good money at this! The first payment on the Pete comes out April 2. I'm so scared that I'm not going to have the money to pay for it. He won't get a pay from Clarkes til March 31, and he had to buy some stuff for the truck through them. They are supposed to span it out over as many pays as possible. Our other truck will have a small pay, even worse because when I checked the statement today for this week's pay I noticed they only took one week of fuel out. That means next pay will lose $1,000 off the top for the fuel missed this pay! Grrr! I hate it when that happens! Plus the driver had to take it to the garage last night because it was shaking so bad when he got up to around 85km/h. Come to find out the king pin on the driver's side was gone. I still haven't got a copy of that bill or the one for the broken spring/broken air can/new u-bolt yet. I shudder to think what I owe that place. Ah, the pleasures of owning not one but two trucks now! Gonna have one whomping HST return for the month of March, that's for sure!

(Sorry about this negative venting, but I had to let some steam off.)

Hmmm, what's this, I wonder? Will have to tune in toworrow and see how much more its grown!

Happy knitting!


Blogger Shelley said...

I hope all your financial needs work out in the end for you.

Can't wait to see what you're knitting...I submit my guess that it is a sock.

10:04 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

I hate bills! What a way to ruin a good day!
I'm guessing a baby bootie!

2:44 PM  

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