Friday, March 03, 2006

Pete is Here

Pete is here - well, almost. He's still in the garage in Bridgewater with Daddy getting a headache rack installed, a 1000W inverter, and maybe strobe lights. They may have to wait til next week. It's getting late. I tried to find a picture of a headache rack or at least a picture of a truck where you can see it, but I can't find any. I'll take a pic of ours on the weekend. It's a big plate that gets mounted on the back of the cab so if your load shifts it doesn't come through the cab and kill you, basically. You see them on flatdecks and log trucks. The guy at the dealership gave Travis a hat (as if he needs another one to leave laying around!), and both boys got t-shirts, even though Logan's is a dress on him. Nothing for me except the paperwork and payment schedule (scary - I'll be glad when those 42 payments are done!).

I did get some knitting done on the ride there. I finished my friend's scarf. All I have to do now is weave the ends in. Then I have to decide whether or not I want to work on an existing project (which I should) or start something small. (Key work being small.) Darren needs another pair of mittens. I'll either start those or make the second sock to a pair that I started before Christmas.

We went to see April Wine last night at the Astor Theatre. The tickets were the best kind - free! The wife of the guy we hired to drive Old Yeller won them from the local radio station, but she had to work so they couldn't go. They gave us the tickets. It was really good, but my ears were still funny today! They popped a few times on the road trip today. I didn't realize it was that loud til the show ended. We had really great seats. They sang all of their hits and a new song from their new upcoming cd. The drummer put on an awesome drum solo and got a standing ovation. He'll be 67 next month! It's nice to see a band in a smaller venue. Much as I would have loved to have been in Halifax being mooned by Tommy Lee, I think Jerry could definitely give Tommy a good run for his money! (I don't know if Tommy still does that or not - it was his trademark, and he was arrested too many times to count for indecent exposure!)

Well, Most Haunted is coming on. Gotta go watch it.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Donna said...

Congrats on your new truck, I look forward to seeing pictures. I have always wanted to know what the inside of one of those big rigs looked like.
G;ad you enjoyed the April Wine concert! They have some wonderful songs!

12:10 AM  
Blogger aija said...

I'm looking forward to seeing pics too! Strobe lights sound rad. :)

1:37 AM  

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