Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stay Tuned!

I was hoping to get some pictures posted tonight of my eBay yarn purchases, but my camera batteries died, so they are being recharged right now. I promise that I will get them posted tomorrow night! I have to work til 2:30, so it will be after that.

I got the absolute most gorgeous, softest, 100% pure merino wool, hand-dyed sock yarn ever! I bought three skeins - hot pink, hot purple, and an orangey one for me. One of the other two will be Sockapalooza socks, but I think I will have to make a pair of socks from each and then decide which to send. It's just so hard! I will definitely be buying more yarn from this seller in the future. She does an absolutely gorgeous yellow that seems to be one of her most popular colors. She even wound the skeins for me into centre-pull balls! (I don't have a winder - yet!) I also got my Sirdar Denim Chunky from eBay today. Remember - got four skeins for the price of buying one at regular retail?! I am just finishing up a pair of chunky socks for me, so I think I will start Logan's sweater out of the SDC tomorrow. Should knit up quickly. I can also see starting a pair of socks with my gorgeous new sock yarn as well!

Pictures tomorrow, I promise! Camera batteries always pick the worst time to need recharging!

Happy Knitting!


Blogger Katie said...

OOH! Can't wait to see pix. Sounds just fabulous! My camera batteries die at the weirdest times too. =)

7:53 PM  

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