Monday, October 23, 2006


I finished this hat awhile back. It's made with Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds. It fits the Littlest One, but I found a pattern I like better. I decided to add this one to my Dulaan pile, thus bringing my total number of finished Dulaan items for 2007 to three. I also have a mitten that is awaiting a mate for item four.

The boys went skating on Sunday. Here's a shot of the Oldest One. The next picture is the Littlest One (he's in the lead) skating around a bunch of little stuffed animals. He doesn't really need much help. He's only three, so he goes in the Kidskate group. I did take him last year a few times, but most of the ones in his group were never on skates before. It was too funny because I looked once, and I could see his mouth going, talking to another little guy. First thing, down he went on the ice. He was showing the other little guy how to get back up when you fall down! Too funny. The Oldest One, well, he's not so outgoing with this as the Littlest One. He's only in Stage 2 (still), so I figure the Littlest One will end up passing him! (Maybe not, but it wouldn't surprise me.)

This was before Kidskate, sitting on the bench with Daddy. He goes on 10 minutes after and finishes 10 minutes earlier than Canskate. Got smart this year and also got skateguards so we can put their skates on at home. This Friday is an inservice, so there's no school. There is a public skate for kids up to 12 in the morning. I think I will take them to that. The Oldest One also got me to register him for Glow Bowling in the afternoon. The Littlest One will have to go to Nanny's. Had to be five to sign up for that. I'll have to take something small to knit.

We brought our new camper home on Saturday. I'm slack, no pictures yet. But you can go here and scroll down to 2007 Keystone RV Springdale 299 BHDS. It was super windy. Hubby white-knuckled the whole way home. The wind blew us all around the road, and we borrowed a friend's new truck because this one is over the weight that our little V6 Dodge can haul. We also decided that next year the camper will stay at the campground. We will take it to the RV place to be winterized and MVIed, then it will go back to the campground, probably in the field on the lower level, with a tarp over it. It was way too hard to get into the yard, and they tore my lawn up quite a bit with the truck. Gonna be a bugger to get out of the yard, too. Probably gonna need a couple of people on either side to watch for the fence, trees, and the deaf child sign, plus the graveyard cement wall across the road. (Our old camper was 26' long, and that was bad enough getting in and out. This one is almost 34' long!) Of course, all the wind meant that there was a ton of leaves to rake up again. The Trees From Hell across the road shed and blew into my yard. The Nemesis still has most of its leaves, of course. I'll get all this cleaned up, then it will decide it's finally time to be bald for the winter. The boys liked jumping in the humungous pile of leaves this afternoon. (I ran out of leaf bags.)

We went to see this movie Saturday night. Hubby is a big fan of the show, me not so much. It's alright, definitely not a show for kids or anyone offended by a lot swearing or "other" things. I bought him all the season dvds for Christmas last year, plus the Christmas Special. My favorite is Bubbles, of course. How he can wear those glasses is beyond me. Ricky is pretty funny, too. By far the funniest TV episode is Conky, and the one with Steve French (he's a cougar) is good, too.

Hubby left for Fort McMurray, Alberta, yesterday. This will be the farthest north he's ever hauled. He's hoping he won't run into any winter weather, although parts of Ontario have gotten snow already. He's got a really light load - only 21,000lbs, so it should be easy on fuel, and it's paying really well. He's taking three "earth heaters" to one of the mines up there. Everyone asks me if he's coming back. If you own your own truck you get paid big bucks up there to haul equipment around. My boss said he should stay for a month and make a bunch of money! She said if her husband was 10 years younger that's where she'd send him! Even one of the bosses at hubby's work asked him jokingly if he was coming back. (He'd get too homesick.)

Anyhoo, dished waiting to be done, and the new Halloween Spongebob episode is coming on soon.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Donna said...

I remember all the days at the rink with skating. Soooooo cold!!
I have to be away this weekend....Thurs.- Sun for a Figure Skating competition but will be free next week or the week after if you can come up with a time that's good for you to go to Mahone Bay!!

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

Enjoy your time in the rink - My husband is a hockey coach so I've spent plenty of time there too.....can't wait to see your next hat!!

8:07 PM  
Blogger aija said...

They are so cute on the ice! Mine's 2.5+ but I don't think he is anywhere near able to do something like that yet... wow. (I get excited thinking of the things he'll be able to do someday!) :)

11:58 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I love the skating pics - OMG that rink is so cold!!! My poor parents used to sit there and wait for me too. I love the hat, it's a great colour. I think I'll have to go see the TPB movie, those potty mouth boys have kind of grown on me. I have an autographed picture of them, my BIL's brother is friends with one of the cast members . . . Bubbles, I think. I hope you survive while your hubby is away - I'll cross my fingers for no snow up here!!

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Cathy said...

I can't imagine my son on the ice... he is more like your first, I think. Your littlest sounds like a great leader already.

The camper sounds like a nightmare to move around but hopefully it will be worth it once it is in action.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Charity said...

I love taking my kiddies to skating, and then doing laps around the rink for exercise while I watch! :0)

I hope you won't be too lonely with hubby gone - I hate it when mine has to go away. The hat is very cute!

1:34 PM  
Blogger Rhonda said...

You need to knit up thrummed mittens for yourself to keep warm while waiting for the kids at the rink. I never learned to skate, but I love watching the kids ... with warm hands & toasty toes, hehe.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Hey when would you have time to scrapbook when you're doing all this fabulous knitting????? Trust me, if I did less scrapbooking I'd have more time for knitting :-)

8:51 PM  

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