Sunday, January 28, 2007


I just won this on eBay:

It's both Noro Kureyon, the top one is color #149, the bottom one color #92. This will be my first excursion with Noro of any kind, and I'm quite looking forward to it. I plan on making Booga Bags with this (both auctions were for three skeins). The top one will be used for my bag, and the bottom one is going to be a surprise gift for my best friend. (She's anti-computer and doesn't knit so I feel safe posting this.) I'm also eyeing some Noro Silk Garden Lite in color #2015 for Argosy. After seeing Pat's I'm rather drawn to it. I haven't decided for sure to go for it yet, though. It's in a seller's eBay store, and there's 30 skeins listed for over three weeks yet, so there's not real rush.

I've almost finished the second work sock for hubby. I just have three or four rows of the toe left to do. I'll start another pair right away. Not sure if I'll get the second pair finished before he leaves for work again. If he's home til Tuesday I might get them done. The truck is at the garage getting its yearly MVI, and so far it's needing a fair bit of stuff. It won't be a small bill, that's for sure, but I guess it has to be done.

Thanks to all on the input for the lace yarn for the shawl. I'm half leaning towards Pat's suggestion of getting both Shadow and Alpaca Cloud since they aren't expensive and decide from there which to use for Print O' the Wave. Most everyone seems to be on the same track that I am, too, as far as colors go. Oregon Coast Heather in the Shadow and either Sand Heather or Iris Heather in the the Alpaca Cloud are what I'm kind of eyeing. Maybe I'll like lace knitting and decide to make a second shawl. Ya never know!

Heddy has pictures posted of her new ball of fluff! Also, Dave has a contest going on.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Donna said...

Congrats on your purchase. You will love the Noro Kureyon. Great fun to knit with. I look forward to seeing it as finished project.

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

You'll love knitting with the Kureyon - it is addicting! I made a one skein hat with the top brown/tan/grey (#149) colorway and love it. I also made a Kureyon booga bag which is now my small item knitting bag.
Can't wait to see what you decide for your shawl!

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Heddy said...

oh my gosh ... I love the colours in the bottom picture (#92) ... very nice (wish I was you best friend -- she is very lucky !) I have never knit with it but always drool over it when I see it in a store.

Glad to hear you will have at least one pair of socks done for your hubby before he heads back out on the road - can't have him driving through the prairies with chilly tootsies.

Thanks for mentioning my blog in your blog ... I have had some traffic there because of it!

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

Oh yummy! Yay for Noro! You know, I had my first Noro-experience a while ago, and I'm totally addicted since then - you're going to love it big time! And the colourways are so beautiful - I can't wait to see the bags you're going to make with it!

4:39 AM  
Blogger Ragan said...

oooooo....pretty!!! I will have to check out the links!!!

7:27 PM  
Blogger Miss Tonia said...

Great colors in the Noro. I have 3 skeins set back to do a booga bag, myself. I just haven't gotten motivated to start it yet. Maybe I can start mine when you start your's, and we can "booga" together.

9:22 PM  

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