Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Storm Day

The kids got a storm day out of this mess. It's their first storm day this school year. The roads were quite icy this morning. The snow changed to freezing rain yesterday, then rain, so everything is a slushy mess. This afternoon temperatures will drop below freezing, and everything will turn to ice. I got my steps and walkway cleared off before it starts to freeze. Needless to say there was playing outside yesterday when the Oldest One got home from school. It didn't start snowing til almost one, so there was a lot down by the time the bus arrived. They didn't send them home early. (He's babbling something about shovelling snow at me when I snapped the picture. He was impatiently waiting for the school bus to arrive. They each got their own snow shovel back in December. This was the first chance to use them.)

The snow was wet and heavy. My hedge is cleared off now because of the temperature rise and the rain. That's good because birds eat these berries through the winter. (That's why we won't trim the hedge too late in the fall. The birds lose out on a supply of winter food.)

I have my package ready to mail to my Mitt Kit Swap Pal. Here's what I'm sending. I'll let you know who she is once I know she has received my package, and the jig is up.

I know it looks like a lot, but I got a too-good-to-pass up deal on the Emu Superwash (discontinued). I sent that and a pattern for Newfoundland mittens so she can make her son and daughter some mittens. The Classic Wool is for her. I sent the adult Newfoundland mittens pattern as well as the felted pattern I use, then she can decide which she wants to make. I took it quite literal, too, about sending everything you need to complete the pattern and sent darning needles, needles, stitch markers, and stitch holder. Everthing she needs for the mittens is here except for scissors. I even printed off pictures of both pairs of mittens since the patterns are just printed off the computer and have no pictures.

I fit all the stuff for her mittens in the bag. The rest of the stuff I'll set in the bottom of the box under the bag. Originally I didn't plan to send the stuff for kids' mittens, but like I said, the deal was too good to pass up, and the kids will enjoy it!

I do have a fo to share. I finished the basic hat for me out of Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds in earthy brown. One skein, 6mm needles, 64 sts, knit every row for about 11-11.5", shape top K2tog around, knit one round, K2tog around again, knit one more round, K2tog around last time, 8sts left, draw end through, fasten securely. (I use circs til I get to the top shaping, then it's dpns.) I do the kids hats the same except only 54sts and knit til about 10-10.5". I like 'em long so if it's cold you can pull the roll-up brim down over your ears and neck. This pattern is based on Pat's basic hat pattern but modified for chunky yarn. I think I'll make some of these for The Dulaan Project.

I think I'll start a pair of socks today. Either that or a scarf. I wound yarn for both things yesterday. I'm sure everyone is getting sick of hats and mittens! I am, too. I need a change. I would like to make the boys Newfoundland mittens, though. I think I'll do one or two other things first.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Donna said...

The recipient of your package is a lucky person! What a haul!
The hat looks good and should keep you nice and warm on these damp and bitter cold days. Give me a nice dry cold day and I would be happy. I hate damp cold wet days!

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Pat said...

WOW - That is a great Mitt Kit!! Your recipient sure is lucky to have you as their pal! It will be fun to see what you get...

12:25 PM  
Blogger Charity said...

That package looks like a lot of fun! Some lucky knitter has some real goodies in store! :0)

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Cathy said...

Look at the goodies your partner is getting!
I could use some of that snow today.

5:01 PM  
Blogger Shelley said...

Your secret pal is going to love that package!

I don't think we got any freezing rain...maybe a bit though but not much. As far as I know school wasn't cancelled here today, but then they had the roads cleard last night. It wasn't as bad a storm as I was expecting - no high winds, just lots of snow. I was out to my flute lesson last night and the roads were slippery somewhat, but they hadn't been plowed at that point. Someone told me yesterday that they are calling for another storm here for Friday.

Great job on the hat! Looks nice and warm.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Oops - this definitely looks like a lot of snow and a really heavy storm! I'm quite grateful that we hardly ever get such heavy storms here - though I'm afraid this year we will... After not having any snow here so far, I suppose when it hits us, it'll hit us hard ;(
And yay for the Mitt Kitt, your pal will be one really happy camper! ;)

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dorothy here, being anoynmous becasue blogger is picking on me :)

Would you belive that our kids have school today, and had school yesterday?? Shelburne County is the only area in NS to have school I'm sure!

On the plus side, the wind chill will keep the kids inside at lunch, so I'll be able to get some knitting done as I walk the hallways.

Keep warm!!

8:14 AM  

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