Saturday, December 29, 2007

Twenty of Fifty-Two

Pair 20 of 52, I finished these Austermann Step socks in color 13 for my Dad last night at 11:55! So they were technically finished on his birthday. (He's away working and won't be home til today sometime, so they were finished on time.) They are plain vanilla socks made a bit bigger and have an eye of partridge heel. The sock on the left looks bigger cuz that was the first one, and I had tried it on a couple of times to get a feel for the fit. The middle picture is pretty accurate on color. My last FO of 2007!

They match perfectly, right down to the tips of the toes!

We've started inventory at the store. Counting yarn is always fun -- NOT! There isn't as much of it this year just because our stock room isn't overflowing like it was last year. We've gotten a good jump on it. I marked down the Regia sock yarn. All of the 3ply (not much there) is now $3.50. The other Regias are marked down 20%, so they are $5.60, $6.40, and $7.20, depending on the kind. We have 4ply, cotton, solids, and jacquards. Doing inventory is a good way to find odd dye lots and one-ofs that get reduced by at least 25% and added to the discount bin. So far the book is way off from the actual count. It will be interesting to see how far the actual count is off from the computer. We won't be entering any of it into the computer until it's all counted first.
Sign ups are open for the Sock-A-Month KAL 5. I've been in all of them from the start and have never missed a month, so I see no reason to start now! I'm in.
So far we have a nasty end to the year. Today I woke up to snow and freezing rain. It seems to have stopped for now. I see a snow plow up on the corner widening out the intersection. Of course, it's supposed to rain now so it will get cold and everything turn to ice.
Started this post the other day, so the date is wrong. Have fun and be safe with whatever you have planned for this New Year's Eve! We are going to a house party then to the fire hall dance.
Happy New Year and Happy Knitting!


Blogger Larry said...

have fun at the fire house! And a very Happy New Year! I'll be staying home with the cat. Not sure if I'll have any wine but I'll be toasting the new year some way or other. Maybe I'll work on a sock.

9:03 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Congrats on your sock! Looks perfect. I am sure your dad will love them.
I hope the rain continues as we are going to Lunenburg for dinner tonight. Of course the weather would suck if I am driving somewhere.
Happy New Year!

9:05 AM  
Blogger Pat said...

Oh how I love perfectly matching stripes - so satisfying!
I'm in SAM5 too - see you there...

11:40 AM  

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