Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Camping 2008 Has Begun

We went camping for the long weekend. It didn't cooperate all that well weather-wise. It was nice Friday evening, rained all day Saturday, sunny Sunday morning til before noon, then it rained til late, then it rained Monday again. We got home around one, and the sun came out. It's hard to keep the kids inside when it rains, so after awhile I just gave up. They got out a bit on Saturday when it briefly stopped or died down to showers a couple of times.

When we got there Hubs went to put the slides out. He didn't know it, but the bathroom door was open, and the doorknob was hooked on the side of the slide. Now we have a dented and crooked doorknob, and it cracked the inside of the door a tiny bit around the doorknob, but it still works. A camping friend has a spare one he is going to give to us. He had changed his to a knob with a lock on it. Needless to say Hubs was extremely irate.

This is our future spot. It's two that are going to be flattened into one. It's not big enough for our camper. Friends of ours have their lot right beside this one.

This is where we left our camper all winter, and we're still set up here on a temporary basis. I'm standing pretty much in front of our new lot taking this picture. As you can see, the frog pond is our front yard. It's very hard to keep the hoodlums out of there.

As you can see...

If the Oldest One can't be found, it's pretty much a safe bet that he's at the frog pond. Catch and release, of course.

Poor Jubie-Ju didn't really enjoy her camping excursion. She didn't take it lightly when Daddy tried to electrocute her. It was all accidental, of course. We are in a very open spot and didn't have much of a place to chain her, so he hooked her around the axle of the camper. The poor thing was acting quite odd. She refused to go in or out of the camper, so I had to carry her in and out. Once inside she would refuse to go out. Once outside she'd want to come back in but wouldn't go near the steps. One one occasion when she was out she got tangled in some stuff under the camper. Hubs went to fix it, and he got shocked off the chain. He ended up moving the chain and hooked it around the picnic table. Come to find out our power post had a broken ground wire, so the camper wasn't grounded, and she was getting shocks off her chain, the poor thing! Took her to late in the day Sunday to actually go in and out of the camper on her own. We plugged into the post the lot over, and someone came and fixed our post. She wasn't herself at all the entire weekend, but things were back to normal when she got home!

The Littlest One and his new pillow. Yes, he fell asleep that way.

Hubs and our friend with her runt Jack Russell terrier. The dogs are the same age with probably a 30lb weight difference. Trixie thinks she's a Rottweiller, though. What a little instigator!

I had to get the Oldest One new sneakers, so I got myself a pair finally, too. His are on the left, mine on the right. My eight-year-old has the same size foot as me! I wear a ladies eight, and I can easily wear his sneakers and vice versa.
I did get some knitting done. I had taken Heddy's sweater with me, determined to finish it. I got it out and started knitting. However, I was starting the top of the tractor when I noticed a boo-boo that I thought at first I could duplicate stitch after the fact. However, I deemed that would be rather difficult. I had already weaved the ends in, so I couldn't really back it out. I looked into the bag and saw that there was enough to start anew. I decided to do that, but I didn't have the needle size I needed to do the ribbing! So I worked on my socks instead, and I also finally got the ends tucked away on my sweater. No pictures yet, it's blocking. When I returned home I started Heddy's sweater front, and I won't knit anything else til it's done! I am up to the start of the tires already. Got my fingers crossed that I'll get most of the tractor done tonight.

I'll leave you all with a taste of spring -- turn your speakers on! There's nothing to see, but I wanted to get an audio clip of the peepers in the frog pond. Every time the door opened they'd stop peeping, so pardon the background noise of me trying to stick my arm out the door while keeping the door from moving. Edit: The video doesn't seem to be working even though it shows it shows in my draft and when I edit my post. Will work on it when I get off work. Well, now it seems to be working, but I didn't do anything to it.

Happy knitting!

PS I got my Ravelry invite. I haven't done anything yet except pick my user name, darganknits.


Blogger Charity said...

Mmmm, camping sure sounds like fun to me right now! Welcome to Ravelvy, I'll have to look you up. :0)

12:20 PM  
Blogger Heddy said...

Sheri --- please don't bother knitting the front of that sweater over again ... Jack won't care if there is a mistake. It is sweet of you to offer to do it, but it really isn't worth the trouble- fudge it, and it'll be fine. it looks like a tractor - He'll be pleased just to be able to wear it -- he's growing like a weed and I am getting scared it won't fit!

12:39 PM  
Blogger lexa said...

Too late! I can't stand it, it's too obvious. Won't take long, I will have it done before the weekend. I'm on a mission now!

1:01 PM  
Blogger Alisha said...

That looks like my kinda of camping!

1:46 AM  

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