Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Socks of Frustration!

Knit Nite: I can drive if you want. I know Marti is sans vehicle this week. Post a comment or pop in to the store, I work til three. Hopefully Heddy can be on backup, though, if the Littlest One isn't feeling well. Edit: I guess Heddy's driving. Now I won't have to clean the truck out. Yes!

So I've been working on the socks for the store. Those terrible socks for the store. Socks of Frustration. I had decided that since I was making them a little bigger than usual to be a ladies large or men's medium that I wouldn't try to match the stripes. I had wound what was left after sock one to see if I had the same number of pattern repeats, and it didn't look good. So I decided to just knit. (I'm usually very anal and HAVE to have matching stripes.) I got trucking along, and I came across a teeny, tiny knot. See that dark brown single row stripe near the needles?

Knotted, and knot/not in color sequence. See? Also....

It started to match back up to the first sock. So the top half of the cuff is all wonky, then it looks like the first sock. I'm just knitting. As much as this is annoying the heck outta me, I'm just knitting. They're meant more for display so people can see and feel how it knits up. (But I'll sell 'em if someone wants 'em! Money talks, and I can always make another pair.)

I've been thinking about World Wide Knit In Public Day. It's my weekend to work. I think this year I'll push it more. I am going to see if we can have a fishbowl sale for that day only. I will do like last year and knit outside the door it it's nice out. If not, I'll be inside. Anyone is welcome to join, just bring along a camp chair or something to sit on. Last year Heddy and Nova Knitter came down. Back to the sale -- I'm thinking that I'd get everyone who was there to shop in the yarn department to take a slip out of a bucket (not a real fishbowl, I doubt) before shopping. I'd like to have a couple of 40% off slips, a few 35% and 30%, mostly 25%, and 20% slips. See, that way if someone hauls a 40% slip then she's most likely going to buy more than if she hauls a 25% slip. It would suck to pick out your yarn, then haul out a big discount and wish you'd gotten more yarn. Have to talk with the Boss Lady first, and I hope she won't have any problems with it. (We'll have to do something, I just listed it on the website.)

So last Saturday was the annual Firemen's Banquet. Marti and her husband were there since they get invited because of his job. They didn't stay to the dance, though. It was a very sad occasion this year. A couple of hours prior to the start of the banquet one of the honorary Ladies Auxiliary members and mother to one of the current firemen and a very good friend of ours passed away unexpectedly. She is also the great aunt to my good friend and co-worker, T. Everyone in heaven better look out now! She was one fun and great lady, they'll get no rest with here there now. She was really good friends with hubby's grandmother who died in February. They were auxiliary members together. It's sad, too. This lady who just died bought a plaque in memory of hubby's grandmother as a bowling award. On the top it says in memory of hubby's Nanny, on the bottom it says donated by M. It was being presented to the winner tonight. There are spaces on it for 16 names, so it will be in circulation for 16 years.

The boys stayed with Nanny all night Saturday. Hubby was sick at the dance, and it wasn't alcohol induced! I think he had a touch of the flu. He ended up drinking water. He's the only one of us who had a flu shot. So the next day I go to get the Littlest One for Sunday school. Nanny informs me that he wasn't feeling well and didn't eat his breakfast. He wanted to go anyways, but he started crying near the end of Sunday school. Hubby's aunt came and got me and said he was laying on the floor out back, crying that he needed me. When we got back to my mother's he was sick. It got worse when we got home. All day long if he wasn't asleep he was sick to his stomach. Monday morning he woke up fine, his usual self, starving, of course. But tonight he started complaining about his belly again. He ate a really good supper. But come nine or so he was sick to his stomach again. He took some medicine and went to sleep. My fingers are crossed that he doesn't pass it around.

Lastly, I have signs of life in my garden! I'm so impressed. A green thumb have I not. Radishes -- planted with help from the boys. (Briggs n Little lilac yarn of some breed as a row guide.)

You can see some of their seeds got a little wayward in the foot path!

Happy knitting!


Blogger Charity said...

I know it's nice to have the socks match completely, but I like them the way they are!

I can't believe you have growing things already - it's only just started to get nice here. :0)

8:04 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Congrats on your green thumb. And the socks don't look too bad. Only anal people ( like you and me ) would be bothered by that.
Hope the little one is ok and you can come to kN tonight!

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will pick up Marti first, then get you on the way out to Donna's, if that's ok -- it should give you a little more time to take the kiddies to your mom's place (I'll probably be closer to 6:55 by the time I get there).
The sock looks good - don't sweat the striping - there are lots of us who like the fraternal looks.

If you want to borrow a real Fishbowl -- I have several that I could loan.


11:05 AM  
Blogger Alisha said...

I think the socks look great. I always think when they don't quite match up it gives them character!

I looked at the KIP site and there isn't one around me. I would so go.

I was tossing up the idea of asking my daughters school if I could start a knitting night at the school in the fall. I would so love to hang with some knitters and drink tea and eat cookies.

11:56 AM  

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