Monday, July 21, 2008

Non-Knitting Interlude

We interrupt this knitting blog to throw in some pictures from one of the weekend activities. Saturday morning I went to a funeral, and in the afternoon we went to hub's cousin's wedding.

The flower girl is the daughter of another of hub's cousins. She's a cutie! She giggled the whole time she was throwing the flower petals.

Hubs cousin and new bride. The ring bearer is the groom's son from a previous relationship.

Now presenting Mr. and Mrs. N. (I call him Dale Jr, cuz that's who he looks like, especially when he is wearing a hat, which is 99% of the time.)

*Hub's 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood, when cars were cars and not tin cans. I'll tell you there's plenty of leg room in this baby! It was his father's car, and when he died it was passed on to hubs. It wasn't driven last summer. Had to get a new battery for it, and I think there may be a leak in one of the gas lines, not where it actually loses any gas, but up above the tank (that's where Dad said to check) as you can smell it. Of course, it has old gas in it, so that will be stinkier til it gets burned out.

Hub's sister and her boyfriend. Very rare public appearance, and I had to sneak this picture. I'd say 90% of the pictures I have of her I had to sneak them. She did give me the finger after she saw the flash.

My gorgeous SIL. She's with hub's baby brother.

Hubs and his little brother. Hubs will be 36 this Sunday, his sister will be 35 on August 7, then there was a big gap. Brother will be 27 on September 6. (I think that's the right date.)

This guy goes with one of hub's cousins. He is a riot! The song was Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy, and I gave him hub's cowboy hat to wear. Lets just say that there were some comical actions that ensued.

So that was it for the weekend adventures. Another of hub's cousins got married the same day, but we didn't get invited to that one. He was kinda ticked off about it, but that was enough for me in one day. And we didn't have to pick a reception to go to.

I should have my Pillars of Atlantis socks finished tomorrow. I am at the heel now, and there is a storm coming towards us. It finally rained last night through the night, really hard at times by the sounds of it. The worst of the storm is to happen tomorrow night. I haven't had a day in a long time where I can just sit and knit, and it's nice for a change. And it also looks like I may get to Knit Nite this week!

Happy knitting!

*Hub's father always said if anything happened to him, "Don't let T have my car cuz S will make him sell it!" So his mother was iffy about giving him the car when his father died. Of course, I'd never make him sell it. That all stems from a red and white 1970 Camaro that hubs had and sold on his own accord, but I always get the blame for it. I state here and now that I did not make him sell his car. And to quote Mrs. Slocombe, "I am unanimous in that!"


Blogger Donna M said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!
Bring your socks to KN if you remember so we can see them!

8:26 PM  

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