Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long Weekend

We had a lovely long weekend weatherwise. Yesterday it was hot, hot, hot! Sunday afternoon I took the boys to one of the local parks. There was sliding...

... and swinging...
... and I worked on a sock.

Yesterday was so hot we decided to clear off to the beach. Many other people had the same idea, it was like a day in July or August. It was not much cooler at the beach. The boys and several other people braved the water a little bit, but it was cold. They basically were in and right back out again.

It's probably hard to see, but there are several big, gorgeous houses on the other side of the stream that is on the far end of the beach. They weren't there when I was a kid. How things change.

The Littlest One wasn't feeling well in the morning, but then he insisted he was better (cuz he wanted to go to the beach). When we got home he got bathed up, fell asleep, and when he woke up he didn't feel well at all. He complained of stomach pains, so I ended up taking him to the hospital where he had some xrays and a pee test. Nothing showed up, so they said if he wasn't better today to get him seen again. I just got a call from my mother, he woke up from a nap crying that his belly hurts again, so I'm at work, waiting for a call back from my doctor's office. He just had the flu two weeks ago, but I hope it's just that again and nothing serious. They mentioned the start of appendicitis, so we've got to keep an eye on that possibility.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Donna M said...

Totally a great weekend!
Hope the littlest one is ok and doesn't have appendicitis!

4:34 PM  
Blogger Monika said...

Wow- there is always something with you guys! I hope he'll feel better soon!
It was 31C here today, feeling like 39C. I'm so glad we have A/C or I would melt.

8:49 PM  
Blogger Frieda said...

Hope the littlest one is okay ,it's a worry when you don't know what's wrong with him .

It's been darn HOT here too . Our pool was up to 82 degrees yesterday , unheard of for the month of May ! Thank God for the pool ,there's no AC in the house .

8:40 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

Hope the little guy is okay! We had the same type of hot weekend here, summer coming a little early to this part of the country.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

It was hot as hell here too!
Hope it's not appendicitis - that's no fun!

8:19 PM  

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