Thursday, May 05, 2011

Bamboo Cafe Mocha

I finished up a pair of socks a bit ago but never got around to posting them to the blog yet. They are Harris Tweed Socks knit with On Your Toes Bamboo in cafe mocha. Ravelry details here.

My retirement is officially over, it lasted pretty much a month. I ended up working the advanced polls for the election as well as election day at the same building as a CPS (central poll supervisor). Not sure if I'd do it again, it was quite a hassle. Long days, especially election day itself. I got to the hall at about 7:20am, after polls closed at 8:30pm, then the votes were counted. I couldn't leave til everyone else was gone, then I had to drive to the office 1/2 hour away to take the ballot boxes and other stuff back. So I didn't get home til after midnight, I stood in line probably 1/2 hour at least to hand in my stuff. Pa went with me, he drove. I was thankful for that cuz I have no stamina to drive, especially in the dark and after working and on my feet pretty much all day (it was busy). I worked four days, had one training session, made two more trips to the office, (well, election day was 16.5 hours, so pretty much two days in one), and I'll make almost as much as what I would have made for the entire month of working at the store.

So the day after the election I was supposed to start at my new job. I did go down for 10, but T wasn't there, she had her little girl at orientation for school in September, and her mother was busy. She knew I did the election the day before, so she said to come the next day. I was so relieved, I stopped at the grocery store, took Ma for her coffee, and then I went home and napped til about 15 minutes before the kids got home from school. I haven't been that tired in a long time. So Wednesday I started my new job. I think it's going to be fun. Today I was only there for not quite two hours, then I was off to a workshop in Simply Accounting. I use an old version of Quickbooks for our truck, but the place where I work now uses Simply. I have used it a wee bit. So every Thursday afternoon from 2-4:30 til mid June I'll be at the Simply workshop. Today was kind of dull, it was just going over the basics of accounting, all of which I've done for the past 20 years or more. That's okay, the instructor heard our backgrounds and told me I'd probably be bored today, lol. (I need to know the Simply cuz the place I work now is a print shop. The owners are selling the business to the daughter. The mother does the accounting, but she wants to retire, and the daughter wants no part of the accounting. So that'll be part of my duties. One bonus is each month they have someone else do their bank reconciliation. Talk about bonus! They can be a huge pain, I'm perfectly capable of doing it, but hell, why mess with tradition.)

Oh, and to top it all off Tuesday night I broke my left baby toe. It was about time, I haven't had a broken baby toe in about a year-and-a-half. I've broken each baby toe numerous times, probably half a dozen or more times each, so it doesn't take much to break them now. Plus I'm clumsy, and I did hit this one really hard in the end table. No going for walks for me for a bit. It hurts like hell, I think I broke it farther down that usual. I don't even bother with the doctor any more when I do it. All they do is tape it to the next toe, so I can do that myself without the doctor inflicting even more pain. I think I should design some steel toed slippers. I've broken them all in the house except for the one before this time, I believe, in the summer of 2009. I broke it in a swimming pool. I didn't realize the step down was as far as it was, and my foot hooked on the step, bent my toe back, and snap! Broken toe.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Donna M said...

Good luck with the new job!

The socks are lovely!

Poor toe. I don't think I have ever broken a toe. so maybe you are taking some for me?! LOL

9:07 AM  
Blogger Shelley L. Snyder said...

Congrats on the new job! My mom got a call from the office of the local guy running for Liberals this year to work at their office for this election. She has no idea how they got her name and why they'd ask her (she's never voted liberal in the past). Obviously she turned it down, and thankfully...if she had hours like yours, I don't think she'd have been able to handle it...especially since election night she would have ended up missing Dancing With the Stars, lol.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Frieda said...

Owww , sounds painful , hope the toe heals quickly !

Good luck with the new job , must be the shortest retirement on record !

I worked for the census way back in 1996 . I had just quit my job (couldn't stand the boss , complete idiot , ran the business into the ground and went bankrupt about 2 years later )and needed to find something .It paid well and I really enjoyed it . Just as that job finished my mom was diagnosed with cancer, she passed away in September .I was lucky to be able to be there for her which I couldn't have done if I'd been working . By November i got another job , so my period of unemployment wasn't very long either .

8:16 PM  
Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Your poor toe! Ouch!

Socks look great - love the muted colour

9:47 PM  

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