Thursday, April 14, 2011


Recycled project, recycled photos -- I promised the school I'd do them a pair of socks for the Easter raffle. I had picked up a couple of skeins of Kroy lavender jacquard to make a pair of vanilla socks (these colors are very Eastery). You'd think that since the store closed I'd have a ton of knitting time, but it actually seems like I have less. I didn't even knit one stitch yesterday. Anyhoo, I've got the second sole and bumper to do on the last pair of slippers for my five pair order, and I've got a pair of socks for Hubs on the needles as well. The raffle draw is next week. So.... I had made myself a pair of exactly what I wanted to make for the school and haven't worn them yet (just to try on for the pictures), so -- voila! I gave these to the school this morning and will make myself a replacement pair.
I love these colors. I've probably got five or six pairs of socks I've never wore yet. A couple of pairs have fancy heels, so I'm waiting til I get a pair of open backed shoes before I wear those. I can never find exactly what I want. I found a pair last year, but they didn't have my size, of course. Since the weather is warming up I'm on the lookout again.

It's looking like retirement for me may only be a month. I was told awhile ago that I was going to have a job at a place on the outskirts of town where I'd be doing a lot of things similar to what I did at the store. (No yarn, unfortunately.) Photocopying, ink cartridge orders, passport photos (they bought our gear for doing those), and I'll also be bookkeeping eventually. They use a program I don't really know, I used it a wee bit years ago when I did the internet billing at the store. There is a six week program being offered in town on Thursday nights starting May 5, they are supposed to be signing me up for that any paying for it. If I make every session they get their money back. So I was told yesterday that she was looking at getting me to start on May 2. This will be Mon-Fri from 10-2 for now. No evenings, no weekends, no working on holidays, woo hoo! Also I'm going to be working the advanced poll for the election on Easter weekend (Fri, Sat, Mon), and I've got a three hour training session on Monday night. I wasn't going to pass that up -- I get paid for the training, and add the three days working the poll I'll make what it took me 40 hours to make at the store. It pays really well.

Off to see the Oldest One's class sing in the music festival in a bit.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Donna M said...

Congrats on the new job! It will be great for you not to have to work weekends and odd hours!

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