Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Ovens

Found a post I started and never finished, lol. When BFF was home we took one afternoon and went to the Ovens. I hadn't been there since I was 17. Here's most of the gang checking out the big grinding stones from the gold rush. (Lots and lots of gold was found at the Ovens in the 1800s.)

My two on the left, two of her three on the right. The oldest girl stayed in Alberta with her uncle this year.

Going down into one of the mining tunnels. You can't really go very far, just get to the bottom of the staircase basically and look around.

Looking out of Cannon Cave. It's named so because the water comes in and makes a huge boom like a cannon. When you're standing up above this cave it sounds like thunder.

Looking up into Cannon Cave.

The troops checking out Cannon Cave.

View from the outside.

Another cool cave.

Taking each other's picture.

There's a small rocky beach where you can go to pan for gold. There were quite a few people there panning. I think we mostly just found fool's gold, but it was fun.

Happy knitting!


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